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Sep 5

Zenith Zero G Tourbillon

        This year Zenith celebrates the 40th anniversary of the El Primero, which was created back in 1969 and was considered to be a tribute to innovation and technical advancement. However, this shouldn’t be the only reason for celebration as Zenith enjoys a history of 144 years of existence, 144 years of beautifully designed wristwatches and 144 years of continuous innovation in terms of technical movements. The people behind this brand are strongly committed to tradition, quality and perfection and each and every watch created by them doesn’t stray from these core values.

        The watch that we’re presenting today is called Zenith Zero G Tourbillon and it may seem unusual in appearance to you. This new timepiece by Zenith wants to conquer a tough segment of the market, a segment of people who are continuously seeking for original designs, for individual features and singular creations. Apparently, this new Zero G Tourbillon has managed to exceed their expectations as it displays a rather unusual sporty design, featuring strong materials that give a touch of masculinity to the watch. Although sporty and masculine, the watch is also designed to express sophistication and refinement.

        The watch uses as the main material a black titanium metal and although many would think of this material as being rigid it is actually very comfortable, allowing the person wearing it to move the hand in each desired direction because of its lightweight property. The new Zero G Tourbillon has a 50 hours power reserve and is also gravity resistant. The hour and minute counters are displayed on the gyroscopic tourbillon cage. The dial is quite small and is made of aluminium and carbon fiber, and although limited in size, the dial is easily legible.

        The strap of this Zenith Zero G Tourbillon is what completes the whole design. The strap is made of the same material as the watch, black titanium, and it is resistant to high temperatures. The lateral Kevlar inserts are also worth mentioning as they add a touch of style and trendiness. The all in all effective design of this new Zenith Zero G Tourbillon has attracted many Zenith customers and even the media specialists in the watch making industry agree on the success of this new timepiece and on the fact that Zenith has managed once again to put on the market something special and valuable. Every purpose was achieved in the creation of this watch, the purpose of functionality, precision and original look. If Zenith was a music company the new Zenith’s Zero G Tourbillon release would most definitely be referred to as a hit.

        By wearing a Zenith Zero G Tourbillon watch on your wrist you will most certainly draw the attention on yourself, because everyone knows how to appreciate a timepiece by Zenith. It’s not the look on the people’s faces that will guarantee you’ve made the right choice in acquiring this unique timepiece, it’s the qualities displayed by this Zenith Zero G Tourbillon that will convince you, because the watch speaks for itself.

        The price for a Zenith Zero G Tourbillon is somewhere close to $545,930.00, a high price that’s justified by the high quality of this product.

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