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Jul 15

Urwerk UR 103 Joaillerie

       One of the youngest members of today Haute Horology, Urwerk SA goes as back as 1997, and it is an exclusive watch-manufacture that embodies the joined efforts of two master watchmakers, Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, and those of an audacious designer, Martin Frei, three visionary men who shared the dream- that of rocking the fine watch-making industry.

       In its rather short existence, Urwerk SA grew into one of the most daring watch-making companies in the world, which follows a forward-thinking philosophy and has a vanguard approach to the horological creation.

       Recently the brand released a superb new model, which combines the watchmaker’s mastery with the fine art of the jeweler, the new Urwerk UR 103 Joaillerie Watch a stunning interpretation of the brand’s iconic UR 103 model, first introduced in 2003.


       The timepiece features the brand’s signature shape inspired by the aerodynamic silhouette of a futuristic spaceship and its robust case, measuring 50mm x 36mm x 13.5mm, demonstrates a stylish satin-polished finish, which enhances the effect of the handset diamond embellishments. The case was manufactured from either 18-karat white or red gold and it is decorated with 294 Top Wesselton diamonds.

       The impressive Urwerk UR 103 Joaillerie Watch features a stylish dial, decorated with circular perlage finish, which ensures a revolutionary time-display, indicating the hours on four orbiting satellites instead of the classical central display, fitted with hands. However, in the dial’s lower part there is an arc, fitted with 0-60 markers, where the minutes are indicated by telescopic hands attached to the hour satellites. Furthermore, the classy black dial of the timepiece is fitted with luminescent-coated, Arabic numeral hour and minutes indices, which in poor light conditions glow in an eye-pleasing icy-cool menthol blue hue. However, if you flip the watch on its other side, it features a control board that ensures, power-reserve, 60-seconds and 15-minutes functions for more accurate time measurements.


       At the heart of the new Urwerk UR 103 Joaillerie Watch beats a high precision, patented movement, the hand wound mechanical movement, Caliber 3.03, which oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 alternations per hour, thus conferring the advantage of 43-hours power reserve.

       Surely a thrill for many watch enthusiasts, the new Urwerk UR 103 Joaillerie Watch embraces the wrist with a stylish black alligator leather strap, however for most of them will be only a dream, due to its extremely exclusive price tag of over $150,000.00.

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