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Nov 16

Ulysse Nardin Temple of Heaven

        Known by most watches connoisseurs as a stroke of genius, Ulysse Nardin is one of the most respected members of today’s Haute Horology, a top aute powerhouse, which earned its well established place on the cutting edge of technological innovation due to its dedication to the perpetual watch-making renewal and creativity. Through over a century and half of successful history, since it was created, the brand received many international awards and, not once altered the Swiss watch-making mainstream current, in order to bring the ultimate technology and create brand new innovative watches, which reunite the brand’s unmistakable passion and firm commitment to flawless artisanship.

        Ulysse Nardin, following a centenary tradition of using the sophisticated technique of cloisonné enamel, released another amazing timepiece of timeless beauty and supreme refinement, the San Marco watch, the Temple of Heaven.


        The amazing timepiece features a superb dial which reveals the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, a sublime image which draws its inspiration in a group of amazing master creations of the 15th century Chinese skilled architects of the Qing Dynasty. The brand’s skilled designers have captured the core of the historic structure of the building, which displays an intricate marble foundation sublimely completed by a navy tiled roof; this shade was especially elected to suggest the kingdom of heaven.

        The astounding timepiece is the master creation of Michel Vermot the acclaimed specialist of Ulysse Nardin, master of the cloisonné enamel technique. This sophisticated process requires over 50 hours of meticulous concentration, and implies applying colorful brilliant vitreous enamels, into the watch’s parts.

        The colossal work required by the production of this amazing wristwatch involves various intricate, staged firing processes, and the most demanding of them is the protection of the delicate surface of the colored dial from the accumulation of air bubbles or any other type of imperfections, and during this elaborate process the slightest mistake could become catastrophic.

        As a high recognition of the brand’s mastery, the San Marco watch, the Temple of Heaven Watch was displayed at the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum. This sophisticated work of horological art will be manufactured in only 18 pieces of 18 karat rose gold, and also 18 items made of platinum. The beautiful model is hosted in a round 40 mm case, which displays through a sapphire case-back the automatic UN-13 movement fitted with a 22 karat gold rotor with guilloche pattern.

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