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Nov 3

Ulysse Nardin Sonata Silicium

        Launched in 1846, Ulysse Nardin is a renowned Swiss watch-making brand which carries on an inner philosophy cultivated throughout more then a century and half, and which gathered an impressive heritage, becoming thus a powerhouse which never ceased to prove that, in the watch-making world, challenges are nothing but intriguing opportunities of breaking the known boundaries of design and engineering in order to create the ultimate proof of ingenuity, forward-thinking and originality.

        A genuine stroke of genius, as its motto states it Ulysse Nardin always went a step further in its quest towards bringing the ultimate innovations and the most revolutionary materials to the exclusivist fine watch-making. Reinventing the base concept of its widely appreciated Sonata line, the brand used silicon (Silicium) in order to give life to another outstanding limited edition of 500 timepieces (both in 18 karat rose and white gold): the Ulysse Nardin Sonata Silicium Limited Edition watch, another remarkable Ulysse Nardin master creation, revealed at Baselworld 2008. The model was designed in close cooperation with the prestigious ASRH – the Swiss Association for Horological Research, in order to meet the elevated expectations of the brand’s exigent clientele and once again to amaze and seduce the enthusiast collectors worldwide.

        The main attraction of this timepiece is the intricate architecture and engineering of the sophisticated caliber UN-67, self-winding movement, which incorporates components manufactured from silicon within the hairspring and escapement, a technology which will soon be patented. But the use of silicon was nevertheless extended to the watch’s dial, defined by vivid contrast touches- it acquires a contemporary highly personal air, and charisma.

         Ulysse Nardin Sonata Silicium Limited Edition watch was fitted with second time zone, located in a 6 o’clock counter, countdown function located at 10.30 and alarm counter positioned at 1.30, and a double date aperture is furthermore located at 4 o’clock. Just as the non-limited Sonatas this model features 24-hour alarm function with cathedral gong, but as an additional advantage of the model is the respectable 42-hours power reserve.

        The fascinating mechanism is hosted in a satin-polished, 42 mm case, manufactured either from 18 karat pink or white gold, which can withstand up to 30 meters underwater, and furthermore, the exquisite model is completed by two anti-glare coated sapphire crystals, in the front and back of the case, and it embraces the wrist with an elegant crocodile leather strap. The watch is indeed a true collectable item, and due to being a novelty, we can only expect to exceed by far the price of a regular Sonata- $60,000.00.

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