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Oct 1

Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Black Ocean

       The famous Ulysse Nardin has come up with yet another brilliant watch concept that attracts the audience through its sporty and dynamic appeal. The company of Ulysse Nardin has many reasons to be on top of the watch making industry, as it has brought on the market impressive timepieces over the years, timepieces that have shown that the brand’s commitment to excellence was and will never be broken.

       Artful design is one of Ulysse Nardin’s calling cards, so why not reveal the watchmaker’s latest Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Black Ocean Watch as the timepiece of the year. Something new and interesting for Ulysse Nardin, this new watch makes a difference if we come to think of the other timepieces released by the brand. The new Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Black Ocean Watch is characterized by a strong and powerful design given by the generous size of the case, measuring 42, 7 mm in diameter, and also by the materials employed in the case’s construction, exclusive black DLC treated stainless steel.

       Although impressive in terms of design, the technical aspect is not at all neglected by Ulysse Nardin’s designers and performance is as impressive as it is inspiring. The end result of the designer’s talent and work is technology that increases efficiency and enhances power. The automatic self-winding movement equipping the new Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Black Ocean Watch assures the working of many useful functions starting from the traditional functions of hours, minutes and seconds and ending with a marine diver chronometer located above 6 o’clock and a date function incorporated in the sub-dial of the chronometer.

       The dial of the new Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Black Ocean Watch embraces the same sporty line as the whole design of the watch and makes use of dark colors accentuated by red detailing. The dial recreates the idea of waves and it uses a waves pattern on black, to match the strap and everything else. The efficiency of this watch is outstanding as it is capable of providing 200 meters of water resistance, along with some 42 hours of power reserve.

       The new Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Black Ocean Watch makes use of a sporty and resistant black rubber strap inscribed with the name of the collection “Limited Edition” and fitted with a clasp. The final touch of distinction is still given by the brand’s logo that is present at 3 o’clock.

       An incredible watch suitable for diving or for any other sport-oriented activities, the new Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Black Ocean Watch enhances the idea that Ulysse Nardin is still continuing to exert the most sophisticated and complicated techniques in watch manufacturing to create such outstanding timepieces, watches of unique designs and unique technical performance.

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