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Sep 17

Ulysse Nardin Blue Seal

        Defined as a stroke of genius, Ulysse Nardin stands among today’s Haute Horology finest aute powerhouses as a symbol of perpetual renewal and creativity, being a world wide awarded watchmaker that more than once has gone against the Swiss watch-making mainstream current, bringing every time around, for over a century and half, innovative new models, which mix the technological advancement, unmistakable passion and a firm commitment towards innovation and flawless artisanship.

        Having an impressive tradition, Ulysse Nardin, never ceased to prove that, in the watch-making world, challenges are nevertheless intriguing opportunities of breaking the known patterns of design and engineering in order to create the ultimate proof of ingenuity, free-thinking and creativity.

        Following its particular philosophy, once again, Ulysse Nardin, creates in the Blue Seal Chronograph, belonging to the Maxi Marine collection, a fascinating timepiece, outstanding for its high-end complications and unusual individuality.

         Fashionable and elegant, the model is available in both 18 karat rose gold or stainless steel and makes a very modern accessory capable to bring a fresh plus to any outfit.

        Fateful to the nautical theme of the collection, in itself a tribute to the brand’s historical intertwining with high seas accurate timekeeping, the models combine the distinctive wave pattern and the navy blue of the matching dial and rubber strap with the classy rose gold/ stainless steel of the case, bezel and crowns. As another impressive feature of this timepiece we must mention the one-of-a-kind titanium treatment received by the parts of the movement which acquire a beautiful blue hue, displayed through a sapphire crystal case back.

        Set in motion by the automatic UN-35 caliber, the models provide two-counter chronographs, a small date window located at 6 o’clock position and a subsidiary seconds counter. The blue dial features differently shaped white hour makers highlighted by rose gold/ stainless steel accents, as well as the hour hands; also as another individual feature of the model, we must mention discrete red accents and the anchor light-motif which was engraved on the crown, strap and also accompanies the brand’s name located beneath the 12 o’clock hour marker.

        In order to withstand extreme conditions under the sea surface, the watch boasts 200 meters water resistance, and it received anti-reflective treatment for perfect time legibility. Being a pretty exclusive edition, the Blue Seal Chronograph was manufactured in a 999 rose gold and 1846 stainless steel pieces and it comes in a price range starting from $6,250.00 for the stainless steel models.

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