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Oct 26

Tissot Quadrato Automatic

        Created over a century ago, Tissot is a notorious Swiss watch-making brand, born in 1853, in the cradle of world’s Haute Horology, Le Locle, Neuchâtel, in the Swiss Jura Mountains. Charles-Felicien Tissot, and his young son Charles-Emile, were two enthusiast watchmakers who established a long dynasty of skilled watchmakers and, a long tradition of commitment to breaking the boundaries of innovation and creativity when it comes to the irreproachable precision and aesthetical purity of their timepieces.

        Tissot Quadrato Collection is another successful line of quartz models, which set the trends for the square-watches designers, due to their special charisma and their highly masculine sporty appeal. Created especially for an adventurous cosmopolitan man, this lime was recently joined by two new fascinating automatic models.

        Characterized by robustness and sophistication, Tissot Quadrato Automatic watches line is combining the cutting edge of today’s engineering vanguard and the unmistakable Tissot aesthetical audacity which merges innovative dimensions and bold color patterns.


        The sturdy sharp-edged square cases of the models are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and feature translucent case-back, which enables the curious viewer to peak at the intricate movement which beats at the core of the models.

         Chronograph Automatic Valjoux version is an eye-catching model fitted with a stylish black leather strap or optionally a robust stainless steel bracelet, which both harmoniously complete the vanguard design of the silver and black dials.

         The Automatic three-handed version has a solid case featuring incorporated squared pushbuttons and crowns, and it is also fitted with stainless steel bracelet. Moreover, the dial designed in black or silver hues, emanates the geometric seductiveness of the finest detail, combining sharp edges with rounded elements as the lugs or Arabic numeral hour markers. The design of the intricate dial is completed by classy faceted hour hands which confers the model a dynamic elegant overall air.

        A clear statement of timeless craftsmanship and mastery, the models are designed for men who know how to face daily challenges and live their life to the max, two cosmopolite and sophisticated models that come with a price tag of $1,269.45.

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