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Oct 1

Tissot Navigator 3000

        A family company, with over a century and a half of prestigious tradition, Tissot is a notorious Swiss watch-making brand, created in 1853 by the enthusiast watch-maker Charles-Felicien Tissot, and his young son Charles-Emile, who established a long dynasty of master watchmakers settled in the cradle of world’s Haute Horology, Le Locle, Neuchâtel in the Swiss Jura Mountains.

        Internationally renowned for creating extremely original timepieces of supreme beauty and impeccable functionality, Tissot enriched its widely appreciated Touch Screen collection with another sophisticated brand new piece, the Tissot Navigator 3000, a highly sophisticated watch primarily operated by touching the highly sensitive sapphire crystal instead of by pushing buttons. The model has the particularity that it can be operated in 6 different languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

        The powerful design of this model features a robust stainless steel, case, fitted with sapphire crystal and stainless steel highly masculine bracelet.

        Navigator 3000 is a digital wristwatch that pays a great tribute to those who are bound to travel and discover the fascinating world that surrounds them. Its story goes back in the 1853, when the Swiss watchmaker developed a watch concept fitted with multiple time-zones, that concept was launched to the market after one hundred years and furthermore, Tissot released many other versions of this concept equipped the most advanced technological features.

        Fitted with the impressive Touch Screen Technology, Navigator 3000 has only one button used for turning on the touch-crystal. After the screen activation, the watch’s owner can select the necessary function, and due to being able to track multiple time zones simultaneously, the watch makes the ideal companion of a genuine world traveler.

        The model has a baggage of 150 preprogrammed cities, and DST sett up to 2099, also it has the option of manually adding a city which was not included; the watch is also fitted with T-World Function which enables to track 4 additional time zones, asides from the home primary zone, also it provides a Chronograph Function which measures time at a resolution of 1/100 of one second. The watch also has Countdown Timer function, two alarms, and calendar function and it can also go into energy saving mode if it is not used for a while, while it is 50 meters watertight.

        A pretty interesting piece, both highly functional and sophisticated, the new Tissot Navigator 3000 is the perfect traveler’s companion which comes with a price tag of approximately $500.00.

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