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Apr 14

TAG Heuer Silverstone Chronograph

       A prestigious watch-making powerhouse owned by the LVMH group, TAG Heuer, represents, for most watch connoisseurs worldwide, a bold approach o traditional watch making defined by uncompromising innovation and sophisticated original aesthetics, that transformed the brand in the Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860- just like the brand’s motto sums it up.

       During more than one century of challenging the known limits of creativity, design and innovation, TAG Heuer, acquired a well-established role of trendsetter of the entire watch-making industry, always creating amazing models with an inner sense of nobility, unmatched mechanical purity and outstanding functionality and reliability.

       In 2010, in order to celebrate its 150th anniversary, TAG Heuer brought to life another superb reinterpretation of the legendary Silverstone Chronograph, a superb model and one of the most desired collectable timepieces ever produced by the prestigious brand. Drawing it inspiration in the highly appreciated 1974, initial Silverstone chronograph, the 2010 model retains the iconic shape of the Silverstone Circuit, the notorious English racing track that gave the name of the first model. A worth-mentioning peculiarity of the square-shaped case of the timepiece is its revolutionary waterproofing system, first introduced by the brand in a square-shaped watch.

       The iconic case of the timepiece was manufactured from stainless steel just as the watch’s crown and chronograph push pieces, and measures 42 mm in diameter. Furthermore, it incorporates a glare-proof sapphire crystal and an exhibition case-back that enables a curious eye to peek at the delicate dance of the exclusive updated version of the revolutionary Chronomatic Calibre 11 that animated the initial model, and which incorporates a Dubois-Depraz module.

       The very stylish timepiece will be available in two beautiful variations, performed in rich brown or blue, matched with elegant perforated alligator leather straps performed in the same color as the dial. Furthermore, the dial features nice silver highlights in the chronograph counters, positioned at 3 respectively 9 o’clock, and a high-end, manually applied date window, located at 6 o’clock.

       A superb collectable item, the stylish TAG Heuer Silverstone watch was especially created to meet the needs of a contemporary man, who shares his fine taste for luxury horological items with a passion for racetracks. Moreover, the exquisite model has been limited to only 3,000 pieces- 1,500 in each color, and will have an approximate price tag of $6,500.00.

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