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Nov 8

Steffen Antwerp Leonardo LEO/TT/106

       Not long ago, the brand introduced another beautiful watch-line – the Steffen Antwerp Leonardo Watch Collection, which pays a great tribute to one of the most charismatic figures in the history of humankind, Leonardo Da Vinci, artist, scientist, architect, designer, inventor, who was fascinated by time-measuring instruments. Continue reading

  Oct 22

Steffen Antwerp Galileo GA/BL/108

       Steffen Antwerp recently introduced another amazing new watch line – the eye-catching Steffen Antwerp Galileo, which commemorates one of the greatest minds in the history of humanity, Galileo Galilei, the man who intuited the principle that drives the pendulum clock. Continue reading

  Sep 1

Steffen Julius Watch

       Steffen Julius is one of the lines available at this moment from the Swiss manufacturer. The design of this particular watch combines elegance and a very particular type of fine taste in an eye catching design that accommodates the most incredible technical achievement of the last few years in the field of complex movements. Continue reading

  Aug 26

Steffen Watches

       A very, very young brand still, Steffen has managed to prove the world that its place on the fast growing and fiercely competitive market of the modern era is a well deserved one. Its debut with the first remarkable lines named after famous historical figures have already brought a shift in the technological approach to watch making Continue reading





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