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Apr 9

Seiko Commemorative Edition Spring Drive Spacewalk

       Seiko is a prestigious watch-making brand with a very interesting success story, portrayed by the brand’s site as -A Journey in Time: the Remarkable Story of Seiko. It started in 1881 Japan, when a visionary spirit of his time, and enthusiast watchmaker Kintaro Hattori, started with his own watches and jewelry store, 11 years later, he started to manufacture wristwatches, under the name of Seikosha which is derived from the Japanese word usually translated as minute, success or exquisite.

       Nevertheless, the first timepiece created by Seiko was released in 1924, and, ever since Seiko rapidly grew, becoming one of the most respected members of today Haute Horology, internationally known for creating the first quartz watch in the world, and moreover for patenting the quartz chronograph and the first timepiece that withstands outer space conditions.

       In order to celebrate this last achievement, Seiko launched a commemorative edition of the innovative Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch, launched at Baselworld 2008, and especially created to be worn in space by the private traveler, Richard Garriott during his journey on the International Space Station (ISS). Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch proved to be an extremely resistant and reliable space timekeeping companion, therefore being used also by a Russian astronaut over his spacesuit, during his over 5 hours space mission, when the timepiece ensured extreme accuracy and immaculate functionality.

       The 2010 edition of the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch was limited to 100 commemorative timepieces introduced to the market in February. The remarkable timepieces feature the same evolutionary characteristics as the Seiko timepiece that actually travelled in space, except for one: the screw-in crown.

       The watch features a robust titanium case, measuring 53 mm x 48 mm x 15 mm, which incorporates the brand’s innovative screw-in crown, especially designed for easy handling, and better resistance. The sturdy architecture of the case incorporates a protective sapphire crystal, and ensures a water resistance of 100 meters.

       The watch features a black sporty dial, highlighted with white and blue individualizing accents. It is animated by the high precision chronograph movement, which comprises 50 jewels and 416 individual parts, ensuring, asides from central hours, minutes, seconds, and GMT functions, a date display, 12-hour chronograph function, and the advantage of a 72-hour power reserve, all for an approximate price tag of $ 28,000.00.

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