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Nov 27

Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA T-oxy III Chronograph

        Romain Jerome is a renowned Swiss watch-making brand that became worldwide famous for creating the emblematic DNA-Famous Legends Collection, a highly exclusivist line that captures the inner soul of great historical events which left an imprint on mankind’s collective memory and culture, whether the Titanic’s catastrophe or the Apollo 11th Moon landing, every significant historical event brings to life an astounding Romain Jerome charismatic wristwatch, a real thrill for the brand’s enthusiast fans who can appreciate the astounding audacity and powerful contemporary design of Romain Jerome’s models.

        The skilled watchmaker was always bound to break the borderline of human imagination and its master creations are embedded with a particular emotional allure, a powerful historical profound individuality, given by their high-end detail touches and unique choice of materials, and Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronograph is no exception.

        In order to pay a great tribute to the greatest tragedy of the 21st century, the RMS Titanic’s catastrophe, Romain Jerome created another new exquisite timepiece that enriches the brand’s famous Titanic-DNA collection, and just like the other models, Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronograph incorporates pieces recovered from the Titanic’s ship-wreck.

        Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronograph is a highly masculine reinterpretation of the Titanic chronograph theme. The charismatic bezel of the watch was manufactured from the rusted steel of the colossal ship-wreck found at 3840 beneath the ocean’s surface, and the case of this majestic timepiece was furthermore carved in the same steel used for building the misfortunate boat- taken from Harland & Wolff, the Belfast shipyard where the legendary Titanic was constructed.

        An astound eye can admire the intricate multi-leveled architecture of the dial, which received extreme attention to the purity of the finest detail, it features high-end-finish touches- the matt-velvet for the back and satin-polished liquid finish for the oversized XII Roman numeral hour marker, also the snailed counters, and the multitude of dark hues obtained through vaporizing charcoal dust taken from the wreck of the great legend, all bring a particular historical individuality to the timepiece. The design of the small chronograph counters is reminiscent of the steam engines of the monumental ship.

        Definitely an astounding model, which will fascinate Romain Jerome’s enthusiasts worldwide, Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronograph is another highly exclusive timepiece which comes with a price tag between $15,000 up to a half million dollars.

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