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Nov 13

Romain Jerome Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillon

        Romain Jerome is a well known watch-making powerhouse rooted in the centenary Swiss watch-making heirloom of master watchmakers, the brand earned a well established place right on the cutting edge of aesthetical and technological innovation due to creating outrageously original timepieces which emanate sticking creative passion and are defined by timeless vanguard design and seductive contemporary appeal.

        Known mostly for its DNA-Famous Legends Collection, Romain Jerome always intended to capture the spirit of the greatest myths of our time, whether the ghost of the Titanic’s disaster, the majestic Moon landing or the spatial odyssey of Apollo 13th, each historical event gave life to an astounding Romain Jerome timepiece, a real thrill for the brand’s enthusiast fans worldwide keen on its mind-numbing audacity and powerful contemporary design. This watchmaker was always ready to strike and to push one step further the limits of our imagination. Romain Jerome’s master creations are embedded with a particular emotional allure, with a powerful historical imprint and a profound individuality, given by their high-end detail touches and unique choice of materials.

        Romain Jerome recently extended its successful DNA-Famous Legends Collection with another exquisite wristwatch produced in a highly exclusive edition of only 6 timepieces- Romain Jerome Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillon, a mind-numbing wonder of watch-making artisanship and mastery.

        This fascinating one-of-a-kind timepiece incorporates a manually-wound CL001.1RJ caliber conceived by two of the most skilled watch-making specialists of the DMC Group, Vianney Halter and Jean-Francois Ruchonnet. This model features many original, unique features as the transversal mechanical arrangements, the stunning revolutionary design of the cylindrical power reserve and time display, the chain-fusee system enabled by a detachable winding winch and the amazing vertically positioned one-minute tourbillon. The sophisticated caliber of the timepiece provides an amazing 72-hours power reserve.

        The revolutionary design and shape of the Cabestan case– 46x36x15mm, ensures a remarkably clear display of the extravagant transverse combination of mechanisms. The case of this vanguard watch was manufactured from a combination of steel taken from the Harland & Wolff shipyards, where the legendary Titanic was built and genuine oxidized shipwreck metal taken from the depths of the ocean. A timepiece designed for the daring enthusiast watch collectors, Romain Jerome Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillon is a mind-blowing vanguard model and its price range will probably extremely exclusivist.

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