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Nov 5

Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA Steel Mood Silver

        Romain Jerome is a notorious brand, rooted in the centenary Swiss watch-making heirloom of master watchmakers, which earned a well established place right on the cutting edge of aesthetical and technological innovation due to creating outrageously original timepieces which emanate commitment and passion and are defined by timeless daring design and striking contemporary appeal.

        Romain Jerome became worldwide famous for creating the emblematic DNA-Famous Legends Collection, a watch-line which tries to capture the spirit of the greatest myths of our time, whether the ghost of the Titanic’s disaster, the majestic Moon landing or the spatial odyssey of Apollo 13th, each historical event gave life to an astounding Romain Jerome timepiece, a real thrill for the enthusiast fans worldwide who know how to appreciate the brand’s mind-numbing audacity and powerful contemporary design. This watchmaker was always ready to strike and to push one step further the limits of our imagination. Romain Jerome’s master creations are embedded with a particular emotional allure, with a powerful historical imprint and a profound individuality, given by their high-end detail touches and unique choice of materials.


        At the same time fashionable and provocative a Romain Jerome watch can only be loved or hated, there’s no middle ground, or compromise, and Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA Steel Mood Silver watch makes no exception.

        The model is a true masterpiece of Romain Jerome’s craftsmanship and, a rare delicacy for the enthusiast collectors worldwide, as it reunites both mechanical excellence and exceptional aesthetics. Drawing its designing inspiration from the crated and poked lunar surface, the watch has a unique special charisma.

        The Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA Steel Mood Silver watch features a round, finely polished stainless steel case fitted with a convex sapphire crystal. The watch’s bezel incorporates tiny pieces of the Apollo 11th spacecraft within the basic carbon-fiber base structure. The intricate design of the watch’s dial successfully mimics the Moon’s surface aspect, and actually incorporates genuine particles of the moon. Positioned at 12 o’clock, in this fascinating lunar landscape, among dark grey or black craters and rifts, there is the brand’s logo. Located at 9 o’clock, the small seconds are indicated through an original landing target suggested through a metallic structure, and furthermore, in order to capture the sophisticated nature of the solar panels and other space equipment the hour and minute hands of the model were prominently designed, a special touch which will surely be observed by a space enthusiast. The watch’s strap was manufactured from materials recovered from the ISS spacesuit and was fitted with high-end lug-pieces, secured with the Romain Jerome’s emblematic star screws.

        This amazing timepiece is animated by a Concepto, automatic mechanical Calibre C22RJ51 movement, which ensures 42-hours power reserve, also the watch can withstand up to 50 meters beneath the sea surface.

        The Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA Steel Mood Silver watch, commemorating the historical landing on the lunar surface, was manufactured in a limited edition of only 1,969 timepieces and we can only expect that the price will be celestial.

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