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Nov 2

Richard Mille 025 Tourbillon for Diver’s

        Created at the beginning of the 21st century, Richard Mille is a powerful young watch-making brand which experienced an amazing development during the past decade, becoming a name synonymous with watch-making latest technological advancements combined with seductive, highly contemporary aesthetics.

        The brand is famous for creating luxury wristwatches which embody the guiding principles of the 21st century’s watch-making industry but also for having a profound connection with the fascinating field of racing cars or aeronautic engineering- the inexhaustible sources of inspiration for the skilled Richard Mille’s designers, and their new Richard Mille 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s Watch is another remarkable example of their mastery carried up to the purest state of horological art.

        Richard Mille 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s Watch is a powerfully designed model which not only emanates strength and masculinity but also is capable of withstanding to the harshest challenges of deep-sea diving.

        The model features a sturdy case measuring 50.70 mm in diameter and, Richard Mille engineering team used the round shape instead of the brand’s signature tonneau shape because it is the only one that can ensure a water tightness which rises to the ISO 6425 elevated standards of quality being able to withstand to the immeasurable pressure exerted at 300 m beneath the ocean’s surface. The model’s case also reveals a remarkable intricacy, being meticulously crafted from a combination of titanium and white/red gold; it features a tripartite structure which is stabilized with the aid of torque screws that ensure unmatched pressure-sealing.

        Richard Mille RM025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s unidirectional rotating bezel deserves a special attention- it is comprised of three layers united with the case by a 24-screw system which confers it a remarkable stability and reliability, at the same time protecting it from accidental dislocation or loss. This unique feature enables its wearer to perform perfect adjustments without tensioning the bezel in its position. This impressive model is animated by the result of the brand’s scientific research and development- the exclusive hand-wound Richard Mille Caliber 025 movement which incorporates a one-minute tourbillon and a column-wheel chronograph, asides from torque indicator function, functions selector- fitted with three moods: winding, hand-setting and neutral, and the 70-hour power reserve indicator.

        The movement outstands through its high-end meticulously-engineered details, and through its considerable mechanical intricacy due to which the model’s yearly production will be extremely limited and its price will surely exceed $100,000.00.

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