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Nov 11

Richard Mille RM016 Titalyt Caliber

        Launched at the beginning of this century, Richard Mille is a young watch-making brand that experienced a spectacular development during the past 15 years, and became associated with watch-making ultimate technological advancements and fashionable contemporary design. The brand acquired international notoriety through creating high-performance timepieces which embody the guiding principles of 21st century watch-making industry, but, at the same time, its horological creation testify about a profound connection between the skilled watchmaker and the adrenalin-inflicting world of motor sports, as well as with the aerospace industry, the main sources of inspiration for Richard Mille.

        Defined by a majestic individuality, the new Richard Mille RM 016 Titalyt Watch is both a horological item of impeccable reliability but also a very stylish time-companion, guaranteed to confer a particular charisma to a gentleman’s outfit.


        Drawing its inspiration from the most innovative sectors of modern sciences as biomedicine or automotive and aerospace engineering, the skilled watchmaker upgraded its extra-flat RM 016 caliber enhancing increased precision and mechanical beauty.

        Richard Mille RM 016 Titalyt Watch was manufactured from extremely resistant grade 5 titanium, which received an innovative Titalyt treatment, used for the first time in the watch-making industry. The intricate process of titanium oxidation requires the use of electro-plasma biocompatible treatment and improves the metal’s wear/scratch/corrosion-resistance elevating its quality up to the norms of AMS 2488D aerospace material.

        The rectangular case has a slightly thinner silhouette compared to other Richard Mille models, and due to the Titalyt treatment acquires an amazing unique shade. The timepiece features an astounding skeleton dial which revels, to an inquiring eye the sophisticated underlying movement. The oversized Arabic numeral hour markers are placed right on the protective sapphire crystal and asides the central time display, Richard Mille RM 016 Titalyt features a small date-display located at 7 o’clock position. The original architecture of this timepiece is furthermore completed by a classy black leather strap.

        A sophisticated horological novelty of 2009, Richard Mille RM 016 Titalyt Watch asserts once more the watchmaker’s creativity and ingenuity and will surely be a coveted collectable item in spite of its rather exclusive price tag of $60,000.00

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