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Jul 14

Richard Mille RM 021 Aerodyne Tourbillon

       Emerged almost at the same time as the new millennium, Richard Mille one of the newest members of today Haute Horology, experienced a spectacular growth becoming a name associated with watch-making excellence, bold mechanical innovations, and fascinating contemporary design.

       Worldwide known for creating some of the most sophisticated timepieces in the world, Richard Mille always strived to be a leader, when it comes to the guiding principles of the 21st century’s watch-making industry, and never ceased to impress watch-connoisseurs worldwide with amazing watches that embody a the purest state of horological art.


       Recently, the brand released another remarkable timepiece, the new Richard Mille Aerodyne Tourbillon Watch, a robust masculine wristwatch, characterized by the upmost mechanical sophistication, unique selection of materials and remarkable contemporary aesthetics.

       The watch features the brand’s signature, highly masculine barrel-shaped case, measuring 39.7mm x 48.2 mm, 14 mm in thickness, which demonstrates a sporty sophistication, and an interesting combination of brushed, and polished surfaces, that hides from a curious eye a unique use of materials – the titanium aluminides and carbon nanofibres of the case’s interior. The complex construction of the case also incorporates an exhibition case-back and ensures 50-meters water resistance.


       The remarkable model demonstrates a superb skeleton dial, fitted with Arabic numeral hour markers, skeleton hour and minute’s hands, with luminescent tips, and luminescent dots, for optimal time legibility. However, the dual time zone is indicated in a surprisingly new manner. A transparent sapphire crystal disc fitted with black painted hour markers, continually circles over the movement, in the center of the dial, until it reaches a clear background, located at 3 o’clock- a mechanism, controlled by a pusher, which ads an hour per impulse, and which is located at 9 o’clock.


       The impressive Richard Mille Aerodyne Tourbillon Watch accommodates a hand-wound tourbillon movement, which provides central hours, minutes, functions, power reserve, dual time zone, function selector and torque indicator as well as a lengthily 70-hours power reserve.

       Especially created for an impassionate watch collector, the innovative Richard Mille Aerodyne Tourbillon Watch comes matched with a classy black alligator leather strap, and has 18-karat white and red gold variations. As far as the price tag goes, we cannot publish yet an exact figure although we expect it to be above $50,000.00.

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