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Jan 14

Rado Integral Chronograph

        Created in 1917 as a watch movement’s manufacturer, Rado evolved into a genuine watch-making brand, and in 1957, it launched its very first watch collection; ever since, the brand never ceased to reinvent textures and to upgrade materials, being acknowledged in the elitist world of the fine Horology worldwide as the first brand in the world that produced scratch-proof timepieces.

        This Swiss watchmaker, headquartered in Lengnau, was also the first brand that introduced the widely appreciated sapphire crystal, along with other high-tech materials, placing itself on the cutting edge of horological innovation, not only from the point of view of the sophisticated technological processes that provide materials characterized by surprising qualities and remarkable aesthetics but also from the highly contemporary design’s perspective.

         Through the years, Rado produced many outstanding timepieces defined by modernity, elegance and reliability, and recently, the brand’s Integral Watch Line received another remarkable addition- a new chronograph model defined by spontaneous minimalist nature.

        A geometrical minimalist design pattern, confers to the new Rado Integral Chronograph watch a powerful contemporary appeal; the timepiece features a linear case design that creates the visual effect of two silver lines which enclose a wide crystal surface; the watch’s case is manufactured from stainless steel, and the case-back is secured by stainless steel screws, also the same material was used for the watch’s crown and chronograph pushers. Moreover, as a vanguard finish touch the entire surface of the case is covered with black metalized sapphire crystal, the case’s profile was designed to perfectly match the wrist’s shape and to ensure the optimal level of comfort.

         At the heart of this fashionable timepiece beats the ETA 251.471 quartz chronograph movement that ensures optimal timekeeping accuracy.

        Rado Integral Chronograph watch features a stylish black dial delightfully completed by white printed indexes fitted with luminescent coating, and polishes stainless steel hour hands also partially covered with luminescent substances. The dial is furthermore individualized by three square chronograph counters with rounded corners, highlighted by a white printed frame.

        The timepiece is moreover completed by a comfy black calf leather strap and it is secured to the wrist by a stainless steel double folding buckle. The stylish timepiece was designed for a daring and sophisticated man of the 21st century and comes for a fairly accessible price tag of approximately $2,000.00.

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