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Dec 5

Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Valentine SHP30009ACI1-001 Watch

One of the most appreciated members of the luxury watchmaking industry, Pierre DeRoche is one of the last Swiss independent powerhouses, which over the years, built a well-grounded reputation, among the enthusiast collectors worldwide, for the amazing quality and infinite mechanical purity, which characterizes the brand’s one-of-a-kind movements.

Surely, a true watch impassionate would like to know that the brand manufactures yearly, a very small quantity of exceptional timepieces, which due to their unmatched mechanical sophistication and spectacular finish are considered by many collectors, true masterpieces of horological art.

Always fateful to its forward thinking, perfectionist life-guiding principles and philosophy, Pierre DeRoche never ceased to upgrade its mechanism, and to bring a fresh new approach to watch-making design, which perfectly expresses the originality and inner luxury of the mechanisms created by Pierre DeRoche.

Although, through the years the brand dedicated a lot of time and energy to bringing to life amazing new wristwatches destined to please the self-assertive modern men, Pierre DeRoche also dedicated many hours of impassionate research and creativity to bringing to life amazing new watches destined to satisfy the modern women, who need a strong expression of individuality and style.


Therefore, the sophisticated new addition to the brand’s outstanding Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Watch Line, we are going to present to you in the following article, the superb Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Valentine SHP30009ACI1-001 Watch stands as a great example of the brand’s unleashed creativity and watch-making mastery.

Designed to evoke the most beautiful of the human emotions – love, and to celebrate St. Valentine, new outstanding new Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Valentine SHP30009ACI1-001 Watch, demonstrates a stylish rectangular 316 steel case, measuring 30.4 mm x 24.8 mm, and 7.6 mm in thickness, which demonstrates a nice satin-polished finish, and the seductive diamond-embellishment. The classy architecture of the case also incorporates a steel fluted crown with blue sapphire cabochon adornment.

The model reveals a superb nacre dial, nicely completed with floral motifs, performed in steel and white diamonds and three hearts set with rubies. The central hours and minutes functions are indicated by stylish blued steel hands.

In addition, the model accommodates a top-quality quartz movement, and embraces the wrist with either crocodile or stingray leather straps, available in two colors. As far as the price tag goes, we cannot yet publish an exact figure, however we expect it to be somewhere around $15,000.00.

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