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Jul 15

Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph

         Well, we have seen naked watches like these models before (it’s not really that new an idea) but this one really seems to catch the eye. It’s really pretty and so cool to look at. I mean, Perrelet is well know for its innovative models and precision timepieces; but you’ve got to hand it to the design team that came up with this little design.

        What makes the time pieces really cool is that you can look through the face into the workings of the watch. That’s the reason for the rather apt but unimaginative name: The Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph!

        Perrelet has been around 1772, the watches they come up with have been watched rather closely. They do seem to have a rather innovative design team that comes up with inventive and rather unique pieces that have not been made at all previously. The precision time makers decided to cash in on their great reputation of having world class timepieces by presenting the inner workings of the Swiss time pieces to the world! The watch is really great too look at and the practical appearance of the watch is set of by its rather buff looking brown band. I liked it but take a look at the technical specification for more information before you rush out to buy it.

        Technical information
        It’s a pretty watch and we like it. The Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph watch debuted at the Basel World 2009 watch exhibition and it made quite a splash there. A few of the more innovative features of the watch include:

        • The watch is primarily a chronograph and the movement is designed just for that with thousands of intricate inner parts that can be seen through the watch facing. The cut away dial is just the thing to show off the inner workings of the watch and the chronograph movement.
        • The watch is self winding with hour minute and eve dual time zone functions. It has a simple 46 hours reserve which is not much compared to the impressive 110 hours reserve of other Perrelet watch models
        • The watch casing is a usual 42 mm but we think it’s really cool as it’s made with rose gold and it looks really pretty when combined with the alligator strap.
        • The dial of Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph is had a cut away dial with Arabic numeral and indices and black, brown or alligator strap. Of all the straps the alligator one is really great for a dress option rather than the black and brown which make it look rather functional.
        • But the watch is well worth the cost and the makings as it has had several cool reviews on the internet and in watch making magazines.

        What’s it price of Perrelet Skeleton Chronograph
        As we said before, Perrelet is not cheap! But it’s well worth the price. This impressive little model goes for a hefty $11,000 per pieces and you better rush to get it before it goes into a limited edition making schedule.

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