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Aug 29

Oris Artelier Chronograph

        Oris has been on the market for over 100 years now by creating watches usually successful to the public interested in acquiring valuable timepieces. If you would ask anyone about the reputation of this brand you shouldn’t be surprised on getting an answer as simple as: “the Oris watches speak for themselves”.

        Most of the watches introduced by Oris have been quite popular amongst the watch connoisseurs. Their sporty, yet classy approach has gained them an amazing public with declared fans in the world of Formula One, jazz, diving, sports or even popular culture. Popular amongst celebrities, the Oris brand has even come up with special collections celebrating legends of our popular culture such is the collection of limited edition dedicated to the great musician Bob Dylan.

        Most of the watches created by Oris are dedicated to the modern man. They offer a touch of class to any wrist and to any occasion. Suitable for wearing both at the office and in the gym, a watch designed by Oris is something to be desired even by the most pretentious of us.

        Always maintaining its high standards regarding design and functionality, the Oris brand of watches has never disappointed its fans. The new watch put on the market by Oris is called the Oris Artelier Chronograph, an impressive timepiece of the most refined elegance and with the finest mechanism there is.

        The watch’s case is made of stainless steel accompanied by a black or grey guilloche dial. Apart from the main dial, the new Oris Artelier Chronograph displays other three subsidiary dials for continuous seconds. The watch is also equipped with center hands for hours and minutes, with 30 minutes and 12 hours counters. On the main dial you can see a date window located between the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions. All in all, the design has unity and structure and the elements presented don’t offer a crowed, unorganized look.

        The Oris Artelier Chronograph watch uses an automatic winding and has a power reserve of 42 hours. Being not only beautiful, but also practical this unique timepiece by Oris represents a good investment.

        The design of the watch is completed by the strap that comes in 2 versions. You can choose either a black or dark brown leather strap, or a multi piece stainless steel metal bracelet, which curves graciously around your wrist. A lovely, fashionable and elegant watch, this new Oris Artelier Chronograph is a statement of good taste and quality.

        Another element worth mentioning is the symbol displayed by all Oris watches, the red rotor, which is the powerful engine of the Oris movements. This innovative creation allowed the progression from hand winding to automatic movements.

        This Oris Artelier Chronograph is a watch that could be handed down from generation to generation, not only because of its purely mechanical movement, but also because of its proud heritage. Possessing a watch of Swiss quality is something close to possessing jewelry. Choose to be interested in value and quality, choose this supreme statement of elegance signed by Oris.

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