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Feb 5

Milus Elegant Cufflinks Joaillerie

        A prestigious watch-making brand, created in the 1920s in Switzerland, by an enthusiast entrepreneur, Paul William Junod, Milus is internationally known for creating astounding timepieces rooted in the Swiss watch-making culture, that are ennobled by timeless elegance and refinement, but at the same time, bring a fresh air of novelty and contemporary aesthetics.

        A brand that continually strived to bring something new and exciting to its impassionate fans, Milus always created wristwatches defined by technical purity and unleashed creative passion that emanate power, originality and sophistication.

        Nevertheless, although the brand earned its reputation for bringing to life true masterpieces of watch-making artisanship, today we are presenting you another haute couture accessory, designed by this brand for the watches aficionados who need to carry one-step further their passion for outstanding horological items, the new Milus Movement-shaped cufflinks.

        Cufflinks are small decorative items, used to personalize, or to enhance the elegance of a formal outfit. In order to bring a novelty touché to this fashionable accessory, the watchmaker released an exceptional variation of this product, which reflects the valued ideals and life-guiding principles that have made Milus one of the most respected members of today’s Haute Horology.

        The new Milus cufflinks represent a playful high-end accessory masterfully sculpted, up to the smallest detail, in the form of a watch’s mechanical movement, and, as a particular detailing the emphasis is set on the moving rotor.


         An extremely exclusive line, the remarkable Milus cufflink ‘Joaillerie’ collection is at the same time sophisticated, fashionable and urban, and in spite being formed of extremely delicate small items defined by timeless refinement and elegance, it manages to capture the core values of the watchmaker- creative passion, innovative spirit and tasteful luxury.

        The glamorous items of the Milus cufflinks ‘Joaillerie were manufactured either from 18-karat pink or white gold, and there are some variations which feature glittering diamond embellishments. Stylish accessories bound to bring a plus of powerful individuality to any shirt; the outstanding Milus cufflinks surely make an eloquent testimony about the devotion of their wearer to the Milus watches. Recently the Milus cufflinks collection has been joined by stainless steel and brass rhodium-finished or plated 3N cufflinks that were manufactured to match the shape of a genuine mechanical timepiece perfectly.

        Extremely fashionable items of pure elegance, the Milus cufflinks are available for exclusive prices range starting with $4,450.00, for the more modest models, up to $5,400.00 for the diamond-embellished cufflinks.

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