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May 3

Chapter Two Triple Date C2T.55.21.121

       A very young member of the luxury watch-making Maîtres du Temps embodies a pioneering horological concept; it is a brand which desires to bring a revolutionary approach to the traditional watch making, setting the emphasis on the talent and the mastery of the watchmaker specialist in order to create the most complex and fascinating timepieces ever.

       Renowned for its very exclusive editions, especially created for the watch enthusiast collectors, Maîtres du Temps is synonymous, with a unique blend of creative passion, commitment to uncompromising innovation, originality and unmatched high-end mechanical sophistication.

       After the resounding success if the brand’s, 2008 Maîtres du Temps Chapter One watch, the still new watchmaker created another remarkable timepiece, characterized by exceptional mechanical complexity the outstanding Maîtres du Temps Chapter Two Watch, the result of meticulous work of three of the world’s most prestigious horological complications experts.

       The exquisite timepiece features a unique tonneau-shaped case, which demonstrates a harmonious intertwining of satin brushed and polished complex curved surfaces, nicely sculpted in 18-karat red gold, which incorporates, in its ergonomic architecture 30 high-end finished, individual parts, and measures 58 mm × 42 mm × 15.50 mm. In addition, the timepiece’s case incorporates six anti-glare coated sapphire crystals, three on the face and three shielding the watch’s case-back, which provides a wonderful insight to the exceptionally beautiful mechanism, which animates the timepiece.

       The warm glow of the red gold case makes a nice contrast against the watch’s stylish silver and black dial, embellished with sunray guilloche motif; it is fitted with classy Roman numeral hour markers printed on a circular silver area. The watch also features diamond-cut red gold hands; it features a small seconds silver counter, located at 6 o’clock and a double date aperture located at 12 o’clock. Just like Chapter One, the watch’s sophisticated architecture incorporates a two rollers made from black anodized aluminum, which complete the triple date complication indicating the day and the month.

       At the heart of this outstanding horological masterpiece beats an exceptional creation of the master watchmakers, the intricate Caliber SHC01, an automatic-winding mechanical movement with amazing hand-made superb decorations, which can be admired through the watch’s exhibition case back. The movement features a balance frequency of 28,800 oscillations per hour and provides the advantage of a 50 hours power reserve.

       A superb wristwatch, the new Maîtres du Temps Chapter Two Triple Date C2T.55.21.121 Watch, was especially designed for impassionate watch collectors; it comes coupled with a hand-sewn black alligator leather strap and provides unmatched mechanical excellence, all for a price tag of $66,000.00.

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