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Oct 8

Jaquet-Droz La Ligne Bleue Collection

        With over two centuries of tradition, Jaquet-Droz is a prestigious Swiss watch-making brand which carries on the mission of cultivating the spirit of innovation, reform and excellence initiated by its genius creator, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a visionary spirit who lived in the Age of Enlightenment and designed astonishing mechanical masterpieces of craftsmanship which fascinated European, Indian or Japanese kings and emperors.

        Asides from creating timepieces of timeless refinement and elegance, Jaquet-Droz will forever permanence in the history of Haute Horology, as the clockmaker who proved its mastery by giving life to mechanical dolls, the automaton, in order sell its watches, and which later on well be seen as true masterpieces.

        Following the well known Jaquet Droz tradition of commitment to innovation and exceptional quality, this brand created another highly exclusivist collection called: La Ligne Bleue which makes use of a beautiful brilliant blue hue and is expected to include 8 pieces of each of the 5 versions.

        Jaquet Droz is also famous for using the rare art of grand feu, a multi-step extremely delicate firing process, in order to create surfaces with an unmistakable depth and richness, and the most demanding enamel dials are definitely the blue ones, which require more than 20 individual firings.

        The delicate blue collection consists of the following 5 models: the Quantieme Perpetuel, maybe the most intricate of all five models is a wonderfully crafted wristwatch which gracefully introduces in its dial’s design a perpetual calendar complication which features, for the days of the week and for the month, sophisticated serpentine retrograde hands.

        Reflecting the well known Jaquet Droz traditional signature, the two overlapping dials intertwined in order to create an 8-shape, Grande Seconde and Grande Seconde Medium, are two beautiful models, moreover followed by the Grande Date model which combines minimalist design with high-functionality, and least but not last, the classy fashionable L’Origine Email. All the models are completed by elegant hand-sewn brilliant blue alligator leather straps. They also feature classy style touches as the Roman numerals hour markers and a clean sober sophistication characteristic for the renowned Jaquet Droz, which also brings the high-end finish up to a level of state of art, creating highly exclusivity timepieces for a refined and demanding clientele.

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