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Dec 26

Hublot Supports AIDES Foundation

        Rooted in the 1980s, when it was created by the charismatic Carlo Crocco, Hublot is a relatively young manufacturer in the luxury watch-making industry; headquartered in Nyon Switzerland, this watchmaker always focused on preserving its daring personality and creative freedom, and always tried to introduce innovative new complications and limited editions which targeted a large audience.

        Hublot is a brand that will remain in the history of today’s Haute Horology as the first one that intertwined the classy elegance of gold with the sporty youthful air of natural rubber- an inconceivable combination, till then which individualized Hublot and placed it among the most renowned watchmakers of the world. And up to this day, for Hublot, rubber crosses beyond the boundaries of a simple fashion phenomenon; the use of this material became rather the embodiment of the brand’s philosophy, as well as its iconic signature.

Hublot Supports AIDES Foundation Pictures


        Many times, this prestigious brand brought its significant contribution and support to charitable causes and, fighting AIDS is one if the causes that brought together Hublot and AIDES Foundation, a French organization specialized in providing assistance to people affected by this syndrome and also in enterprising informative campaigns specialized in preventing this malady.

        In order to celebrate 25 years of fruitful association, with this foundation the watchmaker released two exquisite horological creations that were auctioned during a formal dinner in Paris, under the Glass Window of the Paris School of Fine Arts, an event that attracted many important figures from the international political scene, arts, medicine or show-business. The event reunited over 500 important guests, and among them we must count Mrs. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the Professor Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, and Mrs Simone Veil.

        Among the haute couture luxury objects auctioned during this charitable event, were the two Hublot timepieces: the gemstone-studded Big Bang lady’s watch that features a 38 mm case and a white dial personalized with the AIDS fight iconic red ribbon, meanwhile the second horological creation dedicated to men was the Classic Fusion All Black watch which also features the anti-AIDS symbol.

        The participants to the charitable auction were pleased to spend a generous amount of money for purchasing an exceptional timekeeping instrument and at the same time to offer their financial support to a noble cause.

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