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Dec 13

Harry Winston Duchesse Jewelry

        A brand that has always been a very respected luxury goods manufacturer, Harry Winston is especially known for creating ravishing jewelry, and for pushing, one step further, the intimate connection between the jeweler’s art and fine watch-making, always managing to outstand by releasing rare masterpieces of craftsmanship, which mirror an unmatched creative passion and dedication to exceptional and uncompromising luxury.

         Harry Winston, also known as the master jeweler-watchmaker of today’s Haute Horology carries on a long tradition of commitment to the highest aesthetical ideals, struggling to redefine both the concepts of watch and jewelry, therefore creating a hybrid object of unmatched luxury, elegance and beauty, and the new Harry Winston Duchesse Jewelry Watch is maybe one of the most eloquent examples of the brand craftsmanship, designed to seduce the refined and sophisticated ladies of the 21st century, it was adorned with more than 600 diamonds.


        A mind-numbing fashionable accessory, the new Harry Winston Duchesse Jewelry Watch was completely covered in the fascinating diamond-glow; its delicate platinum case features a diamond-set bezel, adorned with 114 Trapeze baguette-cut diamonds, moreover 81 round-cut diamonds embellish the watch’s dial meanwhile the timepiece’s bracelet combines no more than 217 Trapeze baguette-cut and 255 round-cut diamonds, an astonishing total of 667 precious stones.

        The jeweler’s craftsmanship is fully expressed in the remarkable technique used for setting the diamonds, which seem to be free-mounted and almost invisible and, which implies an enhanced space between the precious stones that furthermore gives them enough space to powerfully shine against the refined lady’s wrist.

        The beautiful, unconventional design of the timepiece features the brand’s three-dimensional signature shape that draws its inspiration in a jewel used by ladies to secure their scarf- the cameo, and this haute-couture masterpiece also combines, for the case, the sophisticated ‘reverse pyramid’ motif with a pear-shaped intricate structure, that hosts the watch’s minimalist dial, moreover an inquiring eye can peak at the fascinating dance of the movement through a see-through case-back opened by a so-called claw also used to access the special system for time adjustments.

         An outstanding timepiece suitable for a formal occasion or a cocktail party, the Harry Winston Duchesse Jewelry Watch will surely be accompanied by a very exclusive price.

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