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Jul 13

Harry Winston Diamond Embellished Diane

      This watch has to be seen to be believed! We do agree that Harry Winston is the master of manipulating jewelry and diamonds to create dream-like pieces of jewelry. His jewelry has graced the necks of film stars, princesses and queens and it’s no wonder that the company has learned to make ethereal pieces of jewelry to suit nearly every royal and talented head, neck and ear. Over the years, the jewelry company has diversified into watches with it buying a new manufacturing plant in Switzerland and retaining the local artisans and craftsmen to transfer their talents into breathtaking watch pieces.

Harry Winston Diamond Embellished Diane Pictures


      Several new lines for women and men have sold out as soon as they were made at the prestigious plant in Switzerland but this watch is literally unique. At first glance, the dial design looks like a “Hello Kitty” design found commonly. But a closer look literally boggles the mind! A few technical design tweaks that are worth talking about are-
      • The Harry Winston Diamond Embellished Diane watch was inspired by the Greek goddess Diana the god of the hunt. At present the company will be preparing only about 20 pieces for sale to their valued customers and that means these are going to be collectors pieces unless you have the clout to buy one immediately.
      • The piece is a shocking dark red or tomato red in color and the color accent in continued all through the time piece.
      • Harry Winston designers collaborated with specialists Renaud and Papi to create the innovative style of the watch. The dial is really interesting with three fingers on either side seeming to grip the dial in place. The fingers are studded with rubies and the same red accent spills over the bezel with red, pink and white diamonds sprinkled rather liberally over. We personally, thought that the piece could do with fewer diamonds but hey, the more bling the better right! The publicity material states that you can get a few pieces that do not have all the diamonds and rubies on it but those will be limited edition pieces too. Five will be available with diamonds and five with diamonds and rubies and the others will be simple.
      • The entire casing is carved out of a single block of white or yellow gold depending on your color choice. The watch dial is colored in two colors that swirl about like a color cloud with white black and red interspersed.
      • The dial of Harry Winston Diamond Embellished Diane watch also has round circular minute as well as hour hands each with a small pointer to indicate the time and the locations of the pointer.
      • The watch also has a nifty little minute repeater which can tell you the time as it clicks away. It’s considered one of the rarest and most valuable pieces on the planet with a tiny hammer that chimes the time on the hour! The watch casing has been designed to be as voluminous as possible and that makes it act like a gong when the clock chimes!

      As usual, Harry Winston has burn a hole in your pocket with hefty astronomical prices for the watch which is available with gemstones for the reasonable price of $336,000 and for $300,000!!!

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