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Jun 12

Hamilton Ventura H24615331 XXL

       Maybe, the most prestigious American watch-making brand, Hamilton Watch Company was founded in the 1890’s, in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and it started its long adventure in the elitist world of the Haute Horology, as a pocket-watch manufacturer, but rapidly grew into a watch-making brand known for building watches of Railroad accuracy.

       The timepieces manufactured by the watch-making brand, have always impressed enthusiast watch-connoisseurs, with an audacious bold design, masterfully intertwined with the upmost watch-making accuracy and reliability.

       Furthermore, the name Hamilton has always been associated with the fascinating world of Hollywood, and through the years, the brand created many star-watches, used to individualize, characters from some of the best selling movies of our century, such as Independence Day, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Lethal Weapon 4, Men in Black, You’ve Got Mail or Fight Club.

       However, in 2010, Hamilton brought a new superb addition to its iconic Ventura Collection, the eye-catching Ventura H24615331 Elvis Anniversary XXL an anniversary timepiece, created in order to mark, what would have been the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley, one of the best-known cultural icons of our times.

       Created in the brand’s unmistakable American strong spirit, the eye-catching Ventura H24615331 Elvis Anniversary XXL draws its inspiration from a 1961 model worn by the King in the movie Blue Hawaii, and retains the rocky feel of the original model. A pioneering concept of its time, the superb Hamilton Ventura Elvis Anniversary XXL still makes a powerful fashion statement over 50 years later.

       The watch features the iconic Ventura shield-shaped case, measuring 46 mm in diameter, crafted from gunmetal, a black high-tech alloy, which demonstrates a nice combination of smooth curves and nicely polished surfaces. The futuristic architecture of the case incorporates an angular crown, overlapping the dial, in order to mark the 3 o’clock position. The robust construction of the case provides 30-meter water-resistance, and it is secured to the wrist with a comfy black rubber strap.

       Furthermore, the timepiece features a sophisticated black dial, embellished with sound-box background texture, fiery red accents, between 12 and 3 o’clock positions, and on the small seconds hand tip. It features three hour indices and sward-shaped hands treated with luminescent substances, for optimal time-legibility in poor light conditions.

       At the heart of the classy Ventura H24615331 Elvis Anniversary XXL beats a high precision, automatic movement, the 2824-2 Caliber that confers immaculate timekeeping reliability. A superb timekeeping companion of for a true fan of the King, the eye-catching timepiece will be available for an approximate price tag around $1,000.00.

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