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Sep 9

Hamilton Aviation Khaki X-Mach

        Hamilton continues to expand its numerous collections by adding new timepieces that find their inspiration in different professions or fields of activity. This time, the designers from Hamilton have chosen to pay special attention to pilots and they have worked really hard on developing a timepiece equipped with specific instruments that a pilot might need during its flight. The new Aviation X-Mach was included in the Khaki Collection and its release has been received with great interest and enthusiasm from the watch connoisseurs’ part.

        The new timepiece included in the Khaki Collection displays a very sporty design, using quite masculine lines, perfectly fit for those who are into adventure and dynamic situations. Just as its theme suggests- aviation, this new Hamilton Aviation X-Mach is equipped with certain features especially created for pilots, displaying indispensable piloting instruments. Every detail about this watch has been meticulously analyzed before actually being included in the design of the watch and as we can all see the result was brilliant.

        The new Hamilton Aviation X-Mach can measure the Mach number of an aircraft by turning the right crown which sets the pressure altitude and calibrates air speed measured by the instrument found in the cockpit. All functions related to aviation can be activated through the pushers located on the lateral side of the bezel. This Hamilton Aviation X-Mach can easily pass as a unique portable Machmeter due to its amazing functions.

        The design of the new Hamilton Aviation X-Match watch has chosen to use the theme of aviation and so materials such as wing-like metal or carbon-fiber surrounds for the crown’s protection are easily recognizable. The sporty and masculine look is completed by the black strap that although made of a light material, provides a rigid look. The strap embraces a flying-jacket style with stitching and studs.

        The dial of this watch is black, but very legible, as it is equipped with silvery indices and matching counter frames. Although the case back is not made of sapphire crystal, the top of the case is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal, covering the 44 mm in diameter case. The bezel of this watch has numeral markings all over it, either in white or black. Another function displayed by this watch is the date function, positioned at the 3 o’clock position.

        A perfect combination between beautiful design and extreme functionality, the new Hamilton Aviation X-Mach watch is nothing but a good investment for those who are looking for both looks and practicality. Apart from its reliable aviation instruments displayed, this watch is also water resistant up to 100 meters, so diving would be just another suitable activity for wearing this watch.

        The multifunctional Hamilton Aviation X-Mach can be purchased at the price of approximately $1645, a light price considering its appeal.

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