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Aug 31

Glashütte Senator Meissen Tourbillon

        Being one of the most reputable brands in the watch making industry, Glashutte has managed to keep a tight score between tradition and the modern times’ requirements. It is a well known fact that Glashutte is quite keen on tradition and on the original design used by the brand and so, even in their latest creations the designers from Glashutte have shown the intention to keep alive that old traditional look, that distinctive Glashutte design. Everybody who is a little bit familiar with the watch manufacturing can easily recognize a Glashutte by its unique and traditional features.

        Although traditional in design, Glashutte is always interested in combining different arts, techniques or concepts in order to create something unique and of a higher value. The idea of combining porcelain painting with traditional watch-making was of a huge success and the result of this idea is called Glashutte Original Senator Meissen Tourbillon, a watch that manages to impresse through the quality of its materials and its traditional and powerful design.

        The flying tourbillon and the Meissen porcelain have merged into creating one of the classiest timepieces of our times, a timepiece that anybody would feel proud of wearing on their wrist. The Glashutte Original Senator Meissen Tourbillon has a 40 mm rose gold case, covering a thin, hand-painted Meissen porcelain dial. The dial comes on a white color and the watch uses an automatic manufacture Caliber 94-11. The back of the case is transparent allowing its owner to admire the movement. The back of the case is made of reflective sapphire crystal. Also, the flying tourbillon is exposed through a small cutaway in the dial of the watch.

        The dial is continuously numbered and it is equipped with blued hands. The Glashutte Original inscription is indispensable to any Glashutte watch and this one makes no exception, although being hand-painted. Requiring a great deal of artistry, the logo of Glashutte (the crossed swords) is also present. The painting of the dial requires almost eight hours to be completed and the dial goes twice in the oven at temperatures reaching more than 900°C in order to assure the proper intensity of the color.

        The hand made alligator leather strap comes to complete the serious and classy design intended by Glashutte.

        This beautifully realized Glashutte Original Senator Meissen Tourbillon represents the core concept of Glashutte: holding on to the traditional values while adding new and modern touches. In the eyes of the connoisseurs this timepiece is already a collectible, as it uses first hand materials shaped by first hand professionals.

        One of the most famous watch making brands, Glashutte, offers one more time its artistic contribution to our modern times through this exquisite timepiece especially created to honor quality, refinement and artistry. This seductive and sophisticated Glashutte Original Senator Meissen Tourbillon it’s a must this season.

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