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Jul 28

Feldo Fashion V1 Collection

       A youthful newcomer in the exclusive watch-making industry, Feldo is a newly launched, German-Spanish company, which follows a forward-thinking approach to watch making, combining the irreproachable German quality with the accuracy of Swiss-made mechanical movements, and the sheer expressivity of Spanish design.

       However, a new name for most watch-collectors worldwide, Feldo already conquered an exclusive clientele, due to creating charismatic timepieces, manufactured in the spirit of the brand’s motto, which states that Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognized.


       For now, the brand’s first watch-line Feldo Classic Collection impressed through exceptional mechanisms, powerful individuality, original manner of displaying the time and the use of high-tech materials, however, Feldo prepares another brand new watch-line, inspired by the thrill of the modern urban life governed by fashionable trends, the stylish Feldo Fashion V1 Collection.

       Although, only presented as a prototype the collection will probably feature a couple of variations, available in stainless steel, stainless steel with black PVD-coating, with steel and red gold inserts. Furthermore, the brand’s official site states that the timepieces will have a size designed, to nicely fit both a gentleman’s and a lady’s wrist, and will also incorporate a series of high-tech components.


       Created in a sporty fresh spirit, the watches will have a minimalist dial design, performed in grey or red main area, with silver or red gold central area, and thin hands, with red tips, performed in the same material. Furthermore, the timepiece will feature the brand’s unmistakable manner of displaying time through overlapping discs, and the carbon-fiber layers, which impressed watch connoisseurs in the first collection presented to the public by Feldo.

       Same as the members of the Feldo Classic Collection the new Feldo Fashion V1 Collection will be animated by high-precision mechanical movements, which bear the Swiss-made hallmark of quality.


       Furthermore, the octagonal shaped cases of the watches, which incorporate round rotating bezels, and which demonstrate a nice combination of sporty brushed finish, and polished surfaces, will be secured to the wrist with a sporty black rubber strap, with tire pattern.

       Especially created to meet the needs of a modern man, and to complete nicely any outfit, the remarkable Feldo Fashion V1 Collection will probably cost somewhere between $3,000.00 and $5,000.00.

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