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May 22

Ebel Beluga Tonneau

       Headquartered in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, a place known as the cradle of today’s Haute Horology, Ebel is a prestigious luxury watches manufacturer, created by an enthusiast young couple of watchmakers, known as the first Architects of Time.

       Testifying about a successful partnership, both in life as well as in business, initiated in 1911, Ebel never ceased to impress the enthusiast watch connoisseurs worldwide with amazing new timepieces, which blend cutting-edge technology and sublime aesthetics, harmoniously intertwining masculine and feminine qualities, traditional values and principles.

       Recently the brand brought another superb addition to its iconic Beluga Ladies Watch Collection, which comprises countless models defined by elegant minimalist design, with precious gem embellishments, the new Beluga Tonneau Line, comprising the Beluga Tonneau Lady and Beluga Tonneau Grande models.

       The watches feature the signature Beluga Tonneau case, which demonstrates an unmistakable combination of smooth curves, delicate satin-polished finish, and superb diamond- setting, displayed in two rows framing the watch’s dials, and descending in size towards the lugs.

       The exquisite Ebel Beluga Tonneau Lady line comprises two eye-catching models, performed in 18-karat yellow gold and stainless steel, and fitted with a delicate case, measuring 26.8 mm in diameter. The distinguished architecture of the case, provides a good water resistance of 50 meters beneath the sea’s surface, and incorporates in its construction, the seductive glitter of 44 diamonds, summing 0.5910 carats.

       Moreover, the watches feature a dainty, mother of pearl dial, embellished with 13 diamonds, set in 18-karat gold or steel, depending on the case’s material, also used for the hour and minute’s hands and watch’s bracelets.

       As for the new Ebel Beluga Tonneau Grande, we have to mention that it features a slightly larger case, measuring 31.40 mm in diameter, nicely sculpted in satin-polished stainless steel, which features the beautiful glow of 48 diamonds, summing 0.9160 carats. Furthermore, the model features two variations: one reveals a feminine mother-of-pearl dial, with central guilloche decoration, while the other, clear silver dial. Both variations feature steel hands, bracelets and 13 diamond hour indices.

       The four models are animated by a high precision, in-house Quartz movement, the Ebel 956 Caliber, which provides remarkable time-keeping accuracy and reliability, and will be available for a price ranging from $2,930.00 up to $20,950.00.

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