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Oct 7

DeWitt Repetition Minutes Tourbillon GMT Antipode

        First introduced in 2003, at Baselworld, De Witt is a highly exclusivist watch-making brand, which outstands through the impeccable quality and originality of their custom-made timepieces defined by a highly contemporary style and revolutionary mechanical innovation. As the brand’s motto states it, DeWitt is: An approach geared to the future of mechanical watch-making, a vivid youthful company synonymous with creative audacity, elevated taste for innovation, and revolutionary forward-thinking.

        A De Witt wristwatch is produced by a single skilled watchmaker who creates a reduced number of timepieces bearing his authenticity individual stamp, and this limited edition is indeed a rarity in the Haute Horology exclusivity world, a line of coveted items for any enthusiast watch collector.

        Unfurling unique aesthetical and technical qualities, the new DeWitt Repetition Minutes Tourbillon GMT Antipode line of only 25 timepieces, is a living proof of this brand’s passion and dedication, and its well established place on the cutting edge of horological excellence. This wonderful timepiece astounds through its highly innovative multi-complication mechanical movement, which animates all three complications of this timepiece: the Minute Repeater, the Tourbillon and GMT complication.

        Also, the model features a robust case, which harmoniously combines titanium with polished white gold, for a high-end finish touch, but also features an original highly-sophisticated axle-based rotation system which enables the case to rotate at 360-degree, laterally if the 12 and 6 o’clock lugs are pressed. The stylish powerful design of the case is completed by the bezel, adorned with DeWitt signature imperial columns.

        The home time and the tourbillon cage are displayed through the front dial meanwhile the second dial shows the second time-zone, and minutes and hours adjustments can be made through a corrector positioned at 1 o’clock location, a push-piece located at 9 o’clock triggers the local time alarm. When the fascinating minute repeater complication is turned on, local time (hours, quarter hours and minutes) are marked by distinctive chimes.

        The intricate architecture of the movement, meticulously constructed from hundreds of individually hand-finished pieces, can be admired through the semi transparent dial. Moreover DeWitt Repetition Minutes Tourbillon GMT Antipode makes a powerful statement about De Witt’s mastery and innovative audacity all for a price tag of $420,000.00.

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