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Aug 23

Corum Admiral’s Cup 40 Diamonds

        This new collection by Admiral’s Cup is especially created for women, but it provides some creations that are a bit different from the watches the ladies would normally wear on their wrist. Admiral’s Cup has realized that we are living times of change and that women are continuously changing their desires regarding fashion and accessories.

        The watch that we are introducing to you today is called Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds and is built using a unique sporty design; its creators have sensed the necessity of creating something sporty for the women but without taking away the elegance of the timepieces. This new generation watch is especially created for those women wanting to be in power, who are adventurous and energetic and who don’t think that a sporty watch could take away their feminineness. This watch is emphasizes the idea of emancipation and unisex.

        This Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds comes in two versions. One model uses stainless steel, while the other version, which is more expensive, is made of 18 karats red gold. The strap also differs between these two models and so, for the gold version the designers have chosen to use a crocodile imitation strap, while for the other version, the one made from stainless steel, the designers thought to be more appropriate a black rubber strap. Regardless the differences, both models denote refinement, elegance and style.

        Following the pattern of a sporty watch, this watch manages to catch the eye through the mixture of colors red and white. The hour and minutes indicators are made from red gold which matches perfectly with the complete design of the watch. The second indicator can be found at the 9 o’clock position and at the 4 o’clock position we can see a calendar that reminds us a bit of the 80’s watches. The emblem of the brand couldn’t be missing from any respectable watch and so we can see the inscription of the Admiral’s Cup very clearly.

        The new Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds is a powerful watch especially created for powerful women. It uses a mechanical self-winding movement and has a 42 hour power reserve and a water resistance up to 120 meters in diving. Although perfectly accurate and functional, this watch comes with a warranty of 12 years for the gold version and of 9 years for the stainless steel one.

        Every woman interested in this watch is aware of the fact that this watch represents a piece of art. This Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds is not a trendy accessory, but an investment in high performance technology, good taste and elegance. There are two different prices for this watch depending on the chosen model. The price difference can be quite shocking, but it’s well justified because of the materials used. The red gold version of this Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds is around 32 000 euros, while the stainless steel one comes closer to the sum of 19 000 euros.

        By wearing this Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds watch on your wrist you can be sure of turning the heads of the most refined and sophisticated people. This watch is a watch with attitude perfectly fitted for women with attitude. So if you like it, don’t hesitate in buying it because it’s worth all the money.

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