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Dec 18

Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph

        The history of Cartier Santos watches goes as far back as 1904, when Louis Cartier, the horologist, decided to dedicate a timepiece to his good friend Alberto Santos-Dumont. Santos-Dumont was a famous Brazilian aviation pioneer and he was actually the person who signaled the need for a handy and reliable time measuring device for aviation purposes. He was also a huge trend setter since men all over the world, charmed with his strong personality and sense of style, began wearing wristwatches instead of the pocket watches popular at that time.

         The Cartier Santos 100 collection was inaugurated to celebrate a centenary since the first chronograph first embraced Dumont’s wrist. The raging frenzy started at that point had a major contribution in the making of Cartier, as the brand we know today.

         Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph is an unusual appearance on the Cartier catwalk. The robust and masculine design of this sporty, yet sophisticate Cartier is sustained by a mold of special treated titanium, steel and gold. The three initial interpretations of this collection have been recently completed with a extra large variety with ultra modern sizes: 54.9 x 46.55 mm and 18.2 mm thickness. The first three members of the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph family were: Santos 100, Santos 100 XL and Santos 100 XL Chronograph. The first mentioned had a 32 mm diameter, while the XL versions took pride in a slightly roomier case of 38 mm diameter.

         All weather, all terrain, all the time: Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph. What makes this watch remarkable is the force it conveys to the beholder’s eye from the very first moment. It is solid, reliable, and can be held as one of the most resistant and unpretentious Cartier soldiers. All these attributes are due to the special, unique treatment of the titanium and steel parts with ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) which guarantees a scratch proof surface and no fingerprints traces left on your chronograph.

         A trustworthy friend for better or worse Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph is available in several combinations to suit even the most exigent tastes. A dark grey, silver, white and black solid block of steel and titanium is available aside the 18 K gold and titanium variants. Black dials, roman numerals, sapphire crystals, titanium/pink gold octagonal crown, toile de voile strap, metal rhodium sword-shaped hands with a phosphorescent coating and mechanical movements with automatic winding caliber Cartier 8630 are just a few of the common qualities that recommend each of the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph timepieces. If you still have doubts the Santos 100 Carbon Chronograph will definitively cast them away by being by your side even when you chose to dive, no less than 330 feet / 100metres.

        Prices for these lifetime acquisitions may vary depending on the model, but for the massive gold creations they can get anywhere around $34,000.00.

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