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Dec 27

Breitling Cockpit Watches

        Rooted in the 1884’s, Switzerland, Breitling is a well known watch-making brand that earned a well established place in history of Haute Horology as the official supplier to world aviation. This is an audacious brand that carries on a long tradition of commitment and dedication to creating impeccable timepieces, superior both technically and aesthetically.

        Nevertheless, through the years, Breitling’s designers, artisans and engineers never settled to excel in only one field, they’ve continually reinvented the shapes and upgraded the mechanisms in order to achieve the ultimate expression of high-class refinement and elegance.

         Once more, Breitling created a very sophisticated and fashionable watch line that features a beautiful new model dedicated to its refined ladies customers, the new Breitling Cockpit and Cockpit Lady, high-functionality timepieces which retain the well known Breitling elevated precision standards, managing to seduce through opulent design and mechanical sophistication.


        Defined by a strong individuality, the new Breitling Cockpit and Cockpit Lady Models were conceived to express a reinforced, distinguished elegance masterfully intertwined with a fresh contemporary appeal. The two models feature a reorganized modern dial design fitted with an eye catching hour circle- described by creatively designed Roman numerals hour markers, also a central square-cambered grid pattern that enhances the depth and movement, furthermore coupled with enlarged hour hands that confer immaculate time legibility. The dial is fitted with a meticulously crafted applied date aperture positioned at 3 o’clock.

        Exceptional sports timekeeping companions, the two models are also suited for diving, the lady’s model boasting 100 meters water-resistance, while the gentlemen watch can withstand up to 300 meters beneath the sea surface.

        The two models are designed for Breitling enthusiast customers who are keen on cutting edge technology coupled with irreproachable reliability and sophisticated design, were produced in a large variety of metals, color themes, and band types. The Breitling Cockpit and Cockpit Lady models come in a variety of materials: either two-tone steel, steel-rose gold, or a more glamorous variation which adds to the warm glow of the rose gold a gem-set luxurious bezel, the gem-set bezel can also be combined with the steel models.

         At the heart of the Breitling Cockpit watch beats a high frequency, COSC -certified chronometer, the Breitling Caliber 49, and the model features a 41 mm case manufactured from: ether two-tone steel, rose gold and steel, or, a more precious edition which combines the rose gold and white gold. Also the model comes coupled with crocodile, Barenia leather, Pilot strap or a sporty Diver Pro rubber strap.

        The Cockpit Lady watch features a 31.80 mm case, manufactured either from two-tone steel, steel and rose gold, and also the more precious variation manufactured from 18 karat rose gold, it accommodates another high-technology COSC -certified chronometer Thermocompensated SuperQuartz Movement, the Breitling Caliber 71, and it is majestically completed by, lizard leather, Pilot strap, Barenia leather, or a sporty comfortable Diver Pro rubber strap.

        Sophisticated and extremely reliable, the new Breitling Cockpit timepieces are a delightful delicacy for any watch connoisseur, and they come for a price ranging from $4,865.00 up to $8,460.00.

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