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Jan 4

Royal Oak Las Vegas Strip Manual-Wind Tourbillon

        Audemars Piguet is a renowned watch-making powerhouse created in 1875, in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, that carries on a rich heritage of a long heirloom of master watchmakers profoundly dedicated to creating remarkable timepieces of immaculate performance and sublime aesthetics. Fateful to its centenary life-guiding principles this brand always searched for the most intriguing sources of inspiration, and never ceased to impress watch collectors worldwide, with innovative new fascinating timepieces defined by remarkable mechanical complexity and original aesthetical expression.

        Recently introduced, the latest Audemars Piguet collection reunites four sublime models dedicated to the one of the most seductive towns in USA, the eternally fascinating Las Vegas, also known as the place where wild dreams come to life. The new Royal Oak Las Vegas Strip Collection comprises charismatic models, defined by a daring powerful design, which capture the adventurous spirit of this city, but at the same time retain the mechanical sophistication and horological craftsmanship which placed Audemars Piguet at the top of today’s Haute Horology.


        The latest and most exclusivist model of this collection, available in only 35 pieces, and for an exorbitant price tag, Royal Oak Las Vegas Strip Manual Wind Tourbillon with Chronograph, is a true masterpiece of watch-making know how, successfully merging the brand’s traditional mechanical sophistication with its highly appreciated attention to the high-end finish touches.

        The Las Vegas Strip Tourbillon Chronograph incorporates the remarkably sophisticated tourbillon and combines it with other horological complications all majestically integrated into a contemporary charismatic design. The powerfully masculine design of this model is defined by an amazing game of subtle contrasts, it features a wonderfully finished, blackened steel case which demonstrates a superb yet fragile geometry, being fitted with the emblematic octagonal bezel, iconic for the Royal Oak Watch Line, the timepiece is furthermore fitted with black dial embellished with Mega Tapisserie intricate guilloche pattern which creates the perfect frame for the vivid red Arabic numerals hour markers, chronograph counters, and the exceptional construction of the tourbillon , which demonstrates an eye-catching tourbillon carriage positioned beneath a red-coated bridge that secures it to the dial.

        The sophisticated timepiece is secured to the wrist with a stylish black leather strap and it comes accompanied by 2 sets of Audemars Piguet personalized playing cards, and a complete set of poker chips, for an exclusive price tag of $187,120.00.

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