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Oct 30

Dainty ribbon watches – the perfect feminine accessory

In the world of androgynous fashion, women’s accessories, watches in particular, have had an interesting evolution. For example, it’s now quite trendy to wear chunky, masculine watches in dark colours like brown, grey and black. This androgynous look can be … Continue reading

  Nov 13

Breitling Bentley Supersports Chronograph

Breitling Bentley Supersports Chronograph, the latest Breitling product that comes as a result of the collaboration with the British automaker. From the same watch family there has been created a limited-edition model Bentley Supersports Chronograph, as a remark to the Continental Supersports from Bentley. Continue reading

  Oct 20

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours is the latest watch launched by Montblanc, as an advanced tribute to Nicolas Rieussec. If at first, the previous Nicolas Rieussec were created as an omage to the French manufacturer, now they have been developed and improved. The chronographer is the key-element, combined with its “day and night” feature. Continue reading

  Jun 13

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Chronograph

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Chronograph is the watch that will arrange perfectly on every wrist, due to the quality of its design and the refinement of its creator. It will be both vintage and modern and its accuracy and attentively-worked details will make you feel noble. Continue reading

  May 17

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime

Breitling, known for being a master of horology and design, has now launched a new model, inspired to count the ‘universal time’ and created within in-house manufacture. Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime is now available in stores and is ready to be bought and tested! Continue reading

  Jan 17

Seiko Presage 100th Anniversary Enamel Dial

Seiko Presage 100th Anniversary Enamel Dial comes as a tribute for the 100th anniversary from the first wristwatches made by Seiko. These new variants are now outlined by porcelain dials and are available since January. It is a limited edition for 500 lucky buyers, in two different versions, according to your prefferences. Continue reading

  Feb 8

Tissot v8

Tissot is one of the most highly renowned Swiss brands in the world and has been making watches since 1853. It is famous for its products’ luxury and quality and also, experience, as it has been the first watchmaker company … Continue reading

  Feb 6

Parmigiani Toric Minute Repeater Watch

Great news people the Parmigiani Toric Minute Repeater Watch – Inspired by 19th Century Pocket Watch is now available for everyone who can afford it. When the designer created this watch he got his inspiration from the Perrin Freres pocket … Continue reading

  Feb 1

Meet Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX 5 World Chronograph LMP1 Watch

If you love the watches made by Jaeger-LeCoultre you are going to look forward to meet Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX5 world chronograph LMP1 watch which was launched recently. The news made us very happy simply because the watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre are unique … Continue reading

  Jan 31

Tissot Couturier GMT Michael Owen Limited Edition 2011 Watch

You are probably wondering what Tissot has done recently and we are here to tell you that Tissot Delivers Couturier GMT Michael Owen Limited Edition 2011 watch has recently been launched and we could not be more happy. Just one … Continue reading

  Jan 26

Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer Watch

If you like Hublot’s watches you will be pleased to hear that it is going to launch the Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer watch. The name of the watch was not chosen randomly, the name comes from the famous architect Oscar … Continue reading

  Jan 25

Parmigiani Tonda Annual Calendar Watch

It is time for the Parmigiani Tonda Annual Calendar Watch to be launched. The new Tonda Annual Calendar Watch is special because it is very practical, you can literally wear it every day. If you are looking for a collection … Continue reading

  Jan 16

Trade Rolex Submarier or any Pre Owned Rolex

If you want to find out how to trade, sell or buy pre-owned collectors’ watches, read my article to learn about my personal experience with this situation. Whether you want to sell your Panerai or have a Rolex you no longer like wearing, there are plenty solutions you can opt for and achieve the result you want. Continue reading

  Dec 21

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grand Date Gulf Edition

The well-known Swiss watchmaker Rag Heuer is proud to present its new Formula 1 Grand Date Gulf Edition, a reinterpretation of its famous Formula 1 Grand Date. This edition comes as a recognition for the merits of the Gulf Oil … Continue reading

  Dec 16

Hublot Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon and Column Wheal Chronograph

A wonderful combination between fine watchmaking traditions and high-tech modern materials and technologies, the new Hublot Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon and Column Wheal Chronograph Watch, features the sporty masculine, King Power case design.. Continue reading

  Dec 11

Tissot Veloci-T Gent Watch

Created so that it encounters the needs of the active men, the new Veloci-T Gent watch by Tissot is a perfect mélange between sportiness and elegance. Offering a large palette of options, the new Tissot timepiece is surely matching everybody`s … Continue reading

  Nov 29

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Zep Watch

To mark its 80th anniversary, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a new unique interpretation of the Reverso model – the Reverso Zep watch. Part of a larger Reverso watch celebration, this model is a true delight. The name of this new timepiece by … Continue reading





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