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Sep 6

Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite

        Georges Favre–Jacot, the founder of Zenith, would be proud of what his successors have managed to preserve and improve at the same time, making of Zenith a top brand, one of the most respectable brands in the watch manufacturing industry. Zenith is the vision of a genius, the vision of Georges Favre-Jacot who wanted to create watches that were more than time instruments, they were works of art., timepieces that could awake the senses and create emotion.

        With a rich history of almost 145 years, Zenith has never disappointed its clientele. From classic timepieces to modern ones that use contemporary social themes and from innovative designs to advanced technologies, Zenith has tried it all, always keeping in mind its commitment towards quality, innovation and elegance.

         The new watch presented by Zenith is especially dedicated to the women and goes by the name of Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite. One of the best known and recognized facts about this watch is that it uses an Elite movement, which was developed by Zenith in 1992 and was elected “Best Mechanical Movement of the Year”. A treasure of accuracy, as they call it, the Elite movement represents Zenith’s quest for perfection.

        This new Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite represents a proof of continuous success for the Zenith brand, a proof showing that the designers and engineers from Zenith have always maintained the highest standards regarding design and precision whenever creating a new watch. Being preoccupied by novelty and originality, the Zenith designers keep up the pace with the modern times.

        The new Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite displays a design focused on music and attitude. The watch is considered to be a must-have of the season because of its young and fresh design, a design that aligns itself with our modern time requirements of fashion.

        While being the perfect accessory, the ladies interested in acquiring such timepiece are also aware that the design is not everything in a watch. Zenith assures them that this watch provides one of the best technical movements in the watch making industry and aspects such as high precision and quality weren’t neglected in the process of creating this unique timepiece.

        Displaying a strikingly attractive look, this Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite features a stainless steel case and a polished stainless steel bezel, giving it a touch of refinement and glamour. The refined simplicity of the look is given by the black leather strap, which matches perfectly the combination of black and white diamonds engraved in the oversized Arabic numerals at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions. The hour and minute indicators are in the center of the watch, while the seconds counter can be located at the 9 o’clock position.

        Dedicated to the young women, to those interested in fashion and contemporary values, this Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite is the perfect wrist accessory. By acquiring such timepiece you can be sure you won’t remain unnoticed wherever you may find yourself.

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