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Oct 1

Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon

        Created over a century ago, in the cradle of today’s Haute Horology, Le Locle, Switzerland, by an enthusiast young watchmaker, Georges Favre-Jacot, Zenith built a well established reputation of designing timepieces which rise up to the mythical connotations of its name – which represent the most elevated point up in the sky, or the pinnacle of achievement and mastery for any artist watchmaker. And as a proof of this reputation, we only have to mention the creation of over 50 distinct movements, of the emblematic El Primero Caliber, widely accepted as one of the best chronographs ever built, as well as over 1500 international awards accumulated by this brand. This is why a Zenith is not only a timekeeping companion, is a piece of today’s finest horological art extremely appreciated and coveted by worldwide watches connoisseurs and enthusiast collectors.

        Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon is another amazing model, first revealed at Baselworld 2008, which features a highly original sophisticated rectangular-shape which incarcerates the sheer beauty of the chronograph movement behind 4 bars giving the timepiece a vanguard style approach, appropriate for a modern charismatic man, who is not afraid to make a fashion statement.

        Setting the emphasis on highly modern design, luxurious materials and the refinement of the finest detail, Zenith created another piece which merges tasteful audacity with the powerful masculine style.

        Mega Port Royal Tourbillon features a robust black titanium case and, as an individualizing trait, it also features an enclosed escapement within a gyroscopic cage meant to annul the effects of gravity. The watch is equipped with the emblematic El Primero Caliber, the fastest tourbillon ever built. The grid which encloses the watch’s dial is adorned with the watchmaker’s rubies and it shelters the protective sapphire crystal. Inside the cage one can peek too the intricate 4007 C Caliber, and moreover, the fascinating architecture of the dial enables the amazed viewer to admire the tourbillon complication through a wide aperture.

        The highly sophisticated design of the sober black titanium case is completed by the clean dial which reveals only the mastery of Zenith’s craftsmen and the sublime beauty of the mechanism which animates the timepiece. Moreover, Mega Port Royal Tourbillon is completed by a comfortable sporty rubber strap, and is maybe one of the most coveted high-class accessories capable of conferring a particular cosmopolitan sophistication to any gent’s wrist, all for a pretty exclusive price of $140,000.00.

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