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Oct 9

Zenith Defy Classic Tourbillon Zero-G

        Launched in 1865 Switzerland, Le Locle, in the Jura Mountains, Zenith is a famous watch-making brand, which earned its international prestige not only by creating high-precision timepieces but also due to its dedication to carrying on a centenary tradition of craftsmanship and mastery, and raising it to a pure horological sate of art.

        With a name embedded with mythological connotations, meaning the highest point vertically up in the sky, Zenith has been traditionally associated with the continuous struggle of breaking the known boundaries of innovation and creativity, and also as the pinnacle of watch-making purity and artisanship. Throughout the years, the brand raised to the height of its fame, being awarded over 1500 international prizes, having patented more then 50 distinct mechanical movements and creating one of the best chronograph, mechanical movements in the world, the legendary El Primero. Moreover this brand acquired its international prestige for designing highly exclusivist timepieces, defined by a clear-cut individuality, and immaculate precision.

        Zenith Defy Classic Tourbillon Zero-G is a highly sophisticated timepiece, which enriches the Zenith Defy collection, and pays a great tribute to the fruitful intertwining between this renowned watchmaker and the adrenalin-inflicting world of motor sports.

        With a racy athletic profile, the model boasts power and masculinity and boldly combines innovative materials in order to confer the charismatic appearance which always singled a Zenith among other watches. Zenith Defy Classic Tourbillon Zero-G is a daring, creative model which incorporates a groundbreaking system, which comprises a gyroscope-cage tourbillon with a horizontal escapement which annuls the effects of gravity, providing thus immaculate accuracy.

        The 18 karat rose gold robust case, measuring 46.5 mm in diameter retains the terrestrial globe shape, and the intricate architecture of the dial creates the accented figure “8” by merging the 11 o’clock hours and minutes counter with the tourbillon counter positioned at 5 o’clock, it can also be interpreted as the sign representing the infinity a symbol of life and good luck.

        The watch’s multi-layered dial is shielded by 4 anti-reflective sapphire glass plates; the timepiece is designed to withstand 300 meters underwater, moreover the warm rose gold of the case is completed by a brown alligator leather strap which confers the watch a classy sense of sophistication appealing for any 21st century successful man who is willing to take up challenges and cope with extreme situations, all for a price range exceeding $10,000.00.

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