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Mar 13

Zenith Class Vintage 1955 Chronometer

        Created, in Le Locle, Switzerland, more than one century ago, by Georges Favre-Jacot, a visionary spirit of his time, Zenith is a renowned watch-making powerhouse, which manufactures superb timepieces, which always rose to the height of the brand’s mythological name- that means the highest point in the sky.

        Through the years, the name Zenith started to be associated with the pinnacle of watch-making achievement and mastery, and to support this statement, we only have to mention the creation of probably the best chronograph movement in the world- the legendary, El Primero Caliber along other 50 different movements of immaculate quality, that have brought Zenith over 1500 international awards.

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        Every timepiece created by this brand, is far more than a simple timekeeping companion, it is a piece of today’s finest horological art, extremely appreciated by worldwide watch connoisseurs and enthusiast collectors. Recently the brand brought another outstanding addition to Zenith Class Collection, the remarkable Zenith Class New Vintage 1955 Chronometer, a superb timepiece that delicately embraces a true gentleman’s wrist, conferring it a plus of distinction and elegance, first introduced at Baselworld 2008.

        A classy wristwatch designed to please the brand’ selective clientele, Zenith Class New Vintage 1955 Chronometer is the perfect combination between style purity and masculine unadorned sobriety- a superb vintage model, the watch makes a clear statement about its owner’s taste for sheer luxury. The timepiece was created to pay a great tribute to one of the most successful of the Zenith watches, animated by the legendary 135 caliber, which has won, for 5 years in a row the prestigious Neuchatel Chronometry Observer Award.

         The new Zenith Class New Vintage 1955 Chronometer surprises both through its wonderfully balanced, stylish looks, and through its mechanical sophistication. It features a round redesigned 18-karat rose gold case, measuring 40 mm in diameter, which incorporates the watch’s convex sapphire crystal and ensures a water tightness of 30 meters beneath the sea’s surface.

        The timepiece features a beautiful opaline dial, fitted with 18-karat rose gold dauphine hour hands and rose gold triangular, faceted hour indices, which confer the watch a plus of refinement along the optimal time legibility.

        At the heart of this beautiful watch beats the ultra-thin Zenith Elite 689 movement, a self-winding, COSC-certified, chronometer movement, which incorporates a 22-karat gold central rotor, and ensures 50-hours power-reserve.

        A superb, dressy wristwatch, the elegant Zenith Class New Vintage 1955 Chronometer comes coupled with an alligator leather strap fitted with a rose gold buckle; it was manufactured in a limited edition of 250 pieces, and it is available for an approximate price of $16,200.00.

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