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Mar 5

Zenith New Vintage 1965 03.1965.670/91.C591

       Not long ago, the brand released another superb model, which tries to capture the vintage charm of the Zenith models, extremely popular during the 1960’s, the remarkable new Zenith New Vintage 1965 – 031965670.91C Watch, a remarkable model, which emanates class and elegance.
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  Nov 25

Zenith Class Dual Time 03.1125.682/02.C490

       Not long ago, the brand presented another superb horological creation, belonging to the brand’s Class Elite Dual Time Watch Series the elegant Zenith Class Elite Dual Time 03.1125.682/02.c490 Watch, a classy model which emanates style and masculinity. Continue reading

  Nov 22

Chronomaster Open Grande Date Moon & Sunphase

       Not long ago, the brand brought another superb addition to its emblematic Zenith Chronomaster XXT Open Grande Date Moon & Sunphase Watch Line, the sophisticated Zenith Chronomaster XXT Open Grande Date Moon & Sunphase 03.1260.4047/21.c505 Watch. Continue reading

  Oct 11

Zenith Lady Tourbillon 45.0242.4029/80.C672

       Not long ago, the brand released a glamorous new addition to the refined Zenith Lady Watch Line, the superb Zenith Lady Tourbillon 45.0242.4029/80.C672 Watch, a fascinating piece of fantasy for the wrist, which demonstrates a profound attention to the purity of the finest detail touch. Continue reading

  Oct 3

Zenith Star Open Love 03.1230.4021/80.C672

         Recently, the brand released a superb new addition to its high-end Zenith Ladies Watch Collection, the sophisticated Zenith Ladies Chronomaster Star Open Love Watch, a classy timepiece, which emanates style and femininity. Continue reading

  Sep 27

Zenith Ladies Ultra Thin Lady Automatique

       Especially created for the fashionable elegant woman of the 21st century, the minimalist Zenith Ultra Thin Lady Automatique Watch accommodates a top-class self-winding mechanical movement, the Caliber Elite 680, which incorporates 26 jewels and which oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 alternations per second. Continue reading

  Mar 19

Zenith El Primero Foudroyante Jumping Seconds

        A superb collectable item, Zenith El Primero Jumping Seconds (Foudroyante) Chronograph embodies the brand’s centenary commitment to creating the timeless objects of horological art and t will surely be the dream of every watch enthusiast collector. Continue reading

  Mar 14

Zenith Class Traveller Open Multicity Alarm

        Zenith Class Traveller Open Multicity Alarm Watch is a superb timepiece characterized by supreme elegance and remarkable technical complexity. A stylish timekeeping companion that testifies about the Zenith’s centenary experience of creating superb objects of horological art, the outstanding Traveller Open Multicity Alarm Watch comes .. Continue reading

  Mar 13

Zenith Class Vintage 1955 Chronometer

        Zenith Class New Vintage 1955 Chronometer is a superb timepiece that delicately embraces a true gentleman’s wrist, conferring it a plus of distinction and elegance, first introduced at Baselworld 2008.A classy wristwatch designed to please the brand’ selective clientele, Zenith Class New Vintage 1955 Chronometer is the perfect combination between style purity and masculine .. Continue reading

  Mar 11

Zenith Vintage 69 Chronograph Automatic

        Characterized by masculine powerful design, which masterfully intertwines contemporary and vintage design touches, the remarkable Zenith New Vintage 69 watch is animated by the sophisticated El Primero 469 caliber, the upgraded version of the 1969 emblematic El Primero movement known as the first chronograph movement in the history of watch-making with .. Continue reading

  Oct 28

Zenith Defy Classic Open

        Zenith Defy Classic Open features a robust case measuring 46.5 or 43 mm in diameter and which is manufactured either from stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and brushed rose gold revealing a meticulous attention to the refinement and purity of the finest detail. Continue reading

  Oct 15

Zenith Academy Open Repetition Minutes

        Zenith Academy Open Repetition Minutes watch, is a model designed to pay a great tribute to the first minute-repeater models created over three centuries ago; it unites the emblematic EI Primero Chronograph with a Minute Repeater mechanism resulting thus, a highly complicated timepiece which accommodates the new … Continue reading

  Oct 9

Zenith Defy Classic Tourbillon Zero-G

        Zenith Defy Classic Tourbillon Zero-G is a highly sophisticated timepiece, which enriches the Zenith Defy collection, and pays a great tribute to the fruitful intertwining between this renowned watchmaker and the adrenalin-inflicting world of motor sports.
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  Oct 1

Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon

        Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon is another amazing model, first revealed at Baselworld 2008, which features a highly original sophisticated rectangular-shape which incarcerates the sheer beauty of the chronograph movement behind 4 bars giving the timepiece a …
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  Sep 6

Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite

        The Zenith Star Glam Rock Elite represents a proof of continuous success for the Zenith brand, a proof showing that the designers and engineers from Zenith have always maintained the highest standards regarding design and precision whenever creating a new watch. Continue reading

  Sep 5

Zenith Zero G Tourbillon

        Zenith Zero G Tourbillonuses as the main material a black titanium metal and although many would think of this material as being rigid it is actually very comfortable, allowing the person wearing it to move the hand in each desired direction because of its lightweight property. Continue reading

  Jul 15

Zenith Defy Extreme Grande Date Limited Edition

               Zenith Defy Extreme Grande Date Stealth, limited edition is a fascinating, eye-catching timepiece which was manufactured in only 250 pieces per variation, world wide and is available for an exclusivist price of … Continue reading





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