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Sep 11

Vacheron Constantin Malte Moon Phase

        Whenever we hear the name of Vacheron Constantin we are somehow assured that the item in for presentation will be of the highest quality and taste. But this reputation of Vacheron Constantin wasn’t built over the night; it was built during two and a half centuries of continuous work in the service of watch manufacturing artistry, in the service of sophisticated design and complicated technical innovation. Now, after all this time, Vacheron Constantin can look back over the years with pride and satisfaction, as this brand has become in our contemporary times one of the best selling watch brands in the world, a well-deserved position, considering the proficiency of the timepieces offered to the public.

        One of the most acclaimed watch collections by Vacheron Constantin is called the Malte collection, featuring watches of high distinction and elegance. The new watch released by Vacheron Constantin was included in the Malte Collection, as it uses similar elements of design with the rest of the watches presented. The new watch, Vacheron Constantin Malte Moon Phase and Power-Reserve, has drawn the attention of the audiences with its peculiar dial, which implies a very complicated manufacturing technique as it reveals five different finishes.

        A distinctive element by now for the Vacheron Constantin Malte collection is the tonneau shaped case that this new Moon Phase and Power-Reserve displays as well. The size of the case is not small at all, it measures 39×49 mm in diameter and is made of 18 carat white gold. The case back is not transparent as we are used to see at some of the Vacheron Constantin watches, but made of brushed satin, held by screws. The top of the case is made of sapphire crystal, synchronizing perfectly with the white gold material used for the case.

        As already mentioned before, the dial of this Vacheron Constantin Malte Moon Phase and Power-Reserve watch is uniquely realized and it represents the work of a very talented hand, due to the difficult techniques engaged in the process-making of this dial. Made of silver gold or even pink gold, the dial is perfectly legible and is decorated with 9 hour markers, two Roman numerals and the symbol of Vacheron Constantin, the Maltese cross. The dial also displays the power-reserve window and the minute circle, both screen printed in white. The seconds sub-dial located at the 6 o’clock position is made of satin-brushed, while the moon phase display pictures the image of a disk with a moon of 18 k white gold or pink gold.

        What activates the movement of this Vacheron Constantin Malte Moon Phase and Power-Reserve watch is a 1410 caliber, made entirely by the house of Vacheron Constantin. The hallmark of the Genevea Seal guarantees the accuracy of this movement and assures the buyer that every requirement of quality has been met in producing this unique timepiece. With a power reserve of 40 hours and a water resistance of 30 meters, this watch proves to be the best chosen wrist accessory.

        The new Vacheron Constantin Malte Moon Phase and Power-Reserve watch is available in two strap versions, one of black alligator leather for the white gold model and the other made of brown leather, to match the rose gold material of the watch.

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