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Aug 22

Vacheron Constantin Excellence Platine

        Words such as tradition, excellence and style come into our mind whenever we hear the name of the brand Vacheron Constantin. The story of the brand is quite simple and it started in the middle of the 18th century in Geneve, when a young man called Jean Marc Vacheron decided to open his own watch making shop.

        With the thought of succeeding, he put a lot of effort and energy into developing a company that two and a half centuries later would be amongst the leaders of the market in the watch-making industry. This brand wouldn’t have lasted this long if it hadn’t been for the passion of its creators and for their desire to create unique and exquisite timepieces that could pass the test of time.

        The Collection Patrimony Contemporaine Retrograde Day and Date represents a tribute to the values cherished by Vacheron Constantin and it has been appreciated worldwide for its elegant and stylish approach. The Geneva-based brand Vacheron Constantin presented in 2007 the pink gold Collection of the Patrimony Contemporaine Retrograde Day and Date which was of a huge success.

        As the watch was declared “Watch of the Year” in 2007, Vacheron Constantin have decided to celebrate this award by creating a different and special look for the collection Patrimony Contemporaine Retrograde Day and Date and so they chose as material the one of the purest and most refined materials in the watch-making industry, platinum. This new watch was rapidly included in the Vacheron Constantin Collection Excellence Platine and was limited to a series of only 100 pieces. Being recognized as the symbol of success, platinum is the perfect material to express the values of this brand, which are: refinement, elegance and style.

        The case of this limited edition watch is measured at 42.5 mm and it is made all out of platinum while being accompanied by a sand-blasted platinum dial bearing, the notorious by now, PT 950 inscription. The strap the designers from Vacheron Constantin have chosen is exclusive to this brand and is made of alligator leather of a dark-blue color hand stitched with woven platinum and silk thread. All in all, this watch displays a great amount of taste and style specific to this brand.

        This Vacheron Constantin Limited Edition in Platinum has four indicators for the hours, seconds, day and date. You can imagine these additional day and date indicators have cost the creators from Vacheron Constantin a great deal of energy and know-how as these things show the complexity of the mechanical movement. Creating a watch of such high performance is not an easy process and the people working behind this brand are the best professionals from the watch-making industry, who are not only skillful but also passionate about their job. The watch uses a mechanical movement , beating at 28, 800 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of more than 40 hours. Moreover, this Vacheron Constantin Limited Edition in Platinum has an almost 30 metres water resistance. Everything you look for in a watch you can find in this Vacheron Constantin Limited Edition in Platinum.

        Vacheron Constantin has presented us with another victorious creation that only adds more value to this brand, making it one of the most respectable brands on the watch making market.

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