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Nov 15

Vacheron Constantin ‘Metiers d’Art for Great Explorers’

        Vacheron Constantin is a well known Swiss watch-making brand, created in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron. Headquartered in Geneva the brand, is a highly exclusive branch of the Richemont group, it employs no more than 400 manufacturers, and distributes its luxury timepieces through just 15 boutiques which only sell models created by Vacheron Constantin.

        The master watchmaker created two brand new horological masterpieces which commemorate two of the world’s greatest explorers: Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, the timepieces are animated by patented movements and feature an astounding dial design created through the extremely meticulous ‘grand feu’ enameling technique.


        The watches reunite exceptional work-of-art craftsmanship, being completely manufactured by hand, they feature sophisticated hand engraving, assembling, and delicate high-end hand-finish touches, that is why the collection will be extremely exclusivist comprising only 60 timepieces of each model.

        The voyages of the two bold explorers are masterfully depicted on the ‘grand feu’ polychrome enameled dials of the timepieces and, this aesthetical accomplishment required the brand’s centenary expertise and master technique in order to accurately reproduce the geographical route of their fascinating travels. The dials marvelously blend superb hues starting with the ocean’s pale blue and continuing with the land’s orangey ochre.

        But the models of the Vacheron Constantin ‘Metiers d’Art Tribute to the Great Explorers’ also feature extraordinary technical sophistication: the highly reliable Vacheron Constantin Calibre 1126AT features an amazing complication which enables it to keep the time track move in the cartographical wake of the famous adventurers.

        Defined by ultimate distinction, stellar artisanship and beauty the ‘Metiers d’Art Tribute to the Great Explorers’ Watches feature, asides from their revolutionary technical complexity, highly original time reading and mind-numbing design, a seductive classic appeal which converts them in highly coveted collectable items of timeless elegance which will come accompanied by an approximate price tag of $77,000.00.

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