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Sep 14

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon

        Renowned for creating sophisticated timepieces for more than two and a half centuries, Vacheron Constantin continues to maintain its respectable position in the world of watch manufacturing by relying on values such as excellence, aesthetic innovation and social awareness.

        One of the most admired collections by Vacheron Constantin is called the Malte Collection, a collection that shows that watch masterpieces are not born out of nothing; they’re born out of tradition, previous technical expertise and progressive creativity. This collection shows that if you’re in for success, you have to play a bit; you have to experiment with different designs, different elements and different concepts. The success of this collection was assured by the passionate blend between Haute Joaillerie and Haute Harlogerie, between sophisticated designs based on diamonds and other expensive materials and complicated technical movements, specific to Vacheron Constantin.

        The new watch included in the Vacheron Constantin’s Malte Collection goes by the name of Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Regulator with Invisible Diamond Setting, a watch of a breathtaking beauty especially created for the ladies who can appreciate refinement and extravagance.

        The case of this Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Regulator measures 39.60 mm and is made of white gold. Although precious enough, the material of the case is not visible as the case is engraved with 270 baguette-cut diamonds, offering a dazzling aspect to the watch. The diamonds hide the entire case of the watch, giving the impression that the case is made of diamonds without actually seeing the setting of these diamonds on the case. It’s a daring design that makes you wonder how far will the design techniques go in the future, or if there are any limits when talking about aesthetic innovations. Considering the intricate shape of the case, with its sharp and complicated lines, we can be sure that setting those diamonds was no picnic for whoever embraced such task, but as we can see the result was more than impressive. It is said that for this diamond setting were needed almost 2,000 hours of manual work.

        The case shelters an 18 k white gold dial, paved with 261 baguette cut diamonds. The diamonds are engraved in circular models, the cage of the tourbillion being exquisitely accentuated. The symbol of the brand, the Maltese Cross, is also present in the design of the dial. Other elements are the small seconds function displayed in the tourbillon cage, the regulator hours at 12 o’clock position and a minute indicator.

        Regarding its technical details, this Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Regulator with invisible diamond setting uses an 1795R caliber that can be admired through the back of the case, the back case being made of sapphire crystal. All manually realized, this movement provides 18 000 vibrations per hour, generating a 40 hours power reserve.

        The design of this Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Regulator invisible setting watch is completed by the hand-stitched alligator strap with 18 K folding clasp, made of white gold and adorned with diamonds.

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