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Apr 14

Urwerk UR103 ‘Hexagon’ Black Supremacy

       A young watch-making brand, Urwerk is rooted in 1995, when two skilled watchmakers, the brothers Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, and their friend, a visionary designer and artist, Martin Frei, realized that have the same dream- rocking the entire world of the Haute Horology, and creating the watches of the next century.

       In 1997, the three enthusiast friends decided to create a watch-making company that follows a forward-thinking philosophy and has a vanguard approach to the horological creation. That is how, in 1997, Urwerk SA started its journey following this artistic goal, and took a road that has never been taken before.

       Ever since its launch, the brand instated a highly personal tradition of releasing an exclusive edition of 10, all-black pieces, of a collection. These watches pay a great tribute to the supreme aesthetics conferred by black clothing, and will surely be a delicacy for any impassionate watch collector, just as the new superb black platinum ‘Hexagon’ -the UR103 ‘Hexagon’ we are going to present you below.

       The magnificent timepiece features the emblematic Urwerk powerful design, inspired by the aerodynamic architecture of a futuristic spaceship; it features a robust black platinum case, measuring 50mm x 36mm x 13.5mm, which demonstrates an intricate combination of soft curves and powerful masculine edges.

       The watch features a revolutionary time-display, indicating the hours and minutes on hexagonal satellites instead of the classical central display, fitted with hands. Furthermore, the sporty black dial of the timepiece is fitted with luminescent-coated, Arabic numeral hour and minutes indices, which in poor light conditions glow in an eye-pleasing icy-cool menthol blue hue.

       The watch is animated by a high quality hand wound mechanical movement- the Calibre 3.03, which oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per second, and which confers the timepiece, asides from immaculate timekeeping accuracy and reliability the advantage of a 43-hour power reserve. The sophisticated timepiece is fitted with a high-tech control board equipped with power reserve indicator, 15-minutes and second’s dials and a special screw used for precision adjustments.

       A superb, fashionable wristwatch, especially created for a contemporary man keen on sophisticated high-tech gadgets, the outstanding UR103 ‘Hexagon’ comes matched with a stylish black alligator leather strap and is available for an exclusive price tag of $120,000.00.

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