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Jul 21

Urwerk UR 203 Special Edition

       Created in 1997, Urwerk SA is one of the youngest members of today Haute Horology, which embodies the joined efforts of two master watchmakers, and brothers Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, and those of a audacious designer, Martin Frei, three visionary men who shared one and the same dream-that of entirely changing the traditional watch-making industry.

       Through the years, Urwerk SA grew into one of the most daring watch-making companies in the world, which follows a forward-thinking philosophy and has a vanguard approach to the horological creation.

       Recently the brand introduced another sophisticated horological creation, the remarkable new Urwerk 203 Mens Special Edition Watch, which belongs to a limited line, of 20 timepieces, and which embodies the life-guiding principles and philosophy of the brand.

       The watch demonstrates the emblematic Urwerk powerful design, inspired by the aerodynamic architecture of a futuristic spaceship; it presents a robust all black titanium case, measuring 45.7mm x 43.5mm x 15mm, which demonstrates an intricate combination of soft curves and powerful masculine edges, as well as a combination of black PE-CEVD coated platinum, micro sand-blasted and titanium black plate.

       The watch features a sophisticated dial, which ensures quite a unique time-display, characteristic to all Urwerk models, on the dial’s lower part telescopic hands indicate minutes presented in a semi-circular area, through Arabic numeral markers starting from 0 to 60. Moreover, the watch’s central part is occupied by the brand’s patented satellite complication, which presents the hours through three orbiting satellites, and which revels, for an inquiring eye, the watch’s cams, transporters and rubies, which transform the time display into high-tech choreography of charming fluidity.

       The impressive Urwerk 203 Mens Special Edition Watch is animated by a sophisticated movement, the very first in the world that uses fluid dynamics for winding rate regulation, the self-winding UR 7.03 Caliber, which ensures immaculate time-keeping accuracy and reliability.

       A superb, fashionable wristwatch, especially created for a contemporary man keen on sophisticated high-tech gadgets, the outstanding Urwerk 203 Mens Special Edition Watch is completed with a stylish black alligator leather strap. Nevertheless, although it will be a coveted collectable item, when it comes to the price tag of this timepiece we can say that the sky is the final frontier.

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