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Apr 3

Urwerk UR-202 ‘Turbine Automatic’

       Rooted in 1995, Urwerk is young watch-making company, which materializes the bold dream of two gifted watchmakers, the brothers Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, and their friend, a visionary designer and artist, Martin Frei.

       While they realized that, they share the same aesthetical creeds and artistic goals, the three enthusiast friends decided to create a watch-making company that follows a forward-thinking philosophy and has a vanguard approach to the horological creation. That is how, in 1997, Urwerk SA started its journey following a dream, and took a road that has never been taken before.

       Challenging everything that has been done before, Urwerk, always rebelled against the contemporary trends of the watch-making industry, and strived to create innovative timepieces ahead of their time, just as the latest audacious creation of the brand – the sophisticated UR-202 Turbine Automatic, which incorporates the Urwerk’s patented Revolving Satellite Complication, which uses compressed air for its revolutionary new winding system.

       The watch features a robust, spaceship-inspired case, measuring 46.6mm x 43.5mm x 15mm, and which has been manufactured in many variations: white or red gold, black PE-CVD platinum or high resistance steel and it demonstrates a powerful design characterized by a genuine symphony of soft curves and rough edges, a nice satin finish.

       The charismatic architecture of watch’s case masterfully incorporates the futuristic design of the eye-catching tridimensional black dial, which demonstrates an immaculate functionality. The timepiece incorporates an Urwerk patented revolving satellite complication that ensures an amazing time-display with full telescopic minutes hands, day/night indicator and a graceful moon phase indicator. In addition, for optimal time-legibility in poor light conditions, the Arabic numeral hour markers and indices, received luminescent coating.

       For the impassionate watch connoisseurs it is important to note that this timepiece is actually the very first watch in the world that uses fluid dynamics for winding rate regulation. Moreover, the timepiece also incorporates groundbreaking technologies in the miniature twin turbines that replace the rotating vanes of a traditional watch. The sophisticated timepiece also incorporates a superb horological complication- the Revolving Satellite Complication, which displays the time with three telescopic hands, fitted with orbiting hour’s satellites, furthermore the telescopic minute’s hands display the time by adjusting their length along a 0-60 minute’s sector.

       Created for a fashionable audacious man, keen on very sophisticated and masculine gadgets, the outstanding UR-202 Turbine Automatic, will also be the thrill of any impassionate watch connoisseur, no wonder that its price equals that of a respectable car, ranging around $200,000.00.

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